Winning in the Winter Housing Market

“What better present than a new home for Christmas?” asked Lakewood REALTOR® Leora Hartman. While many home buyers and sellers shift their focus to the holiday season, that doesn’t mean the housing market shuts down during the winter. 

In fact, nearly 4,000 new listings of homes for sale came on the market last month. And with homes spending more time on the market during the winter months, buyers have more choices and more time to choose. 

We asked our network of approximately 25,000 Colorado real estate professionals for their best advice for home buyers and sellers active in the winter housing market. Here’s what they said… 

A Warm Welcome

For sellers, keep your home cozy, warm and inviting for those buyers who have been out in the snow cold and tired and looking with no results. For buyers, the best time statistically to buy is in the winter months and again, what better present for yourself and/or your family than a new home.

Leora Hartman

Safety First

Always… ALWAYS clear your walkways, decks, and patios of snow and ice. Not only for potential buyers but for home inspectors and appraisers. Falling through a snow-covered rotted deck while appraising a cabin in the remote rural mountains of Colorado was not fun. Ouch.

Lisa Messinger

Holiday Decor = Simple Staging

For the holidays, keep decor to a minimum. I showed a house once that belonged to a Seller who had obviously spend thousands on Christmas decor. Every nook and cranny of that house was jammed full with decorations, many were electric and the type that included motion. The buyer had no chance of getting a good feel for how this home could really look and spent most of the showing watching the motion decorations like he was in a trance.

Heidi Schaffnit

Real estate agents, inspectors, and lenders all work throughout the winter months serving buyers and sellers. Thanks to seasonal market trends, the winter can be a strategic time to find a home or list your home for sale. 

If you’re considering jumping into the winter housing market, talk to your REALTOR about strategies to help you win! Find a local real estate agent >>