Why Fall is the Best Time To Renovate

When you think of home remodeling projects, what time of year do you imagine is best to renovate? Many people envision spring/summer as being the best time to begin an extensive home renovation project because it is a very busy time for contractors.  But if you are working with a tighter budget and want minimal distractions, fall may be the ideal time for you to begin your next home renovation project.

Whether you plan to do the renovations yourself or hire a contractor, the season you select can impact your project immensely. Home improvement projects take up a considerable amount of time so it’s best to plan them for a time of year that fits your schedule. It’s also best to consider a time of year you have increased flexibility as home renovation projects can last longer than expected. If you have been thinking about renovating your house, fall may be your season, and here are five reasons why:

1.         You get good prices for materials

Most people prefer to do their house renovations during the summer months because it’s the season of vacations and long holidays. During this time, materials for construction are normally expensive because the demand is also high. Compared to other seasons, fall has some of the best deals as home improvement shops are often trying to clear their stock. High demand items for renovation such as tiles, paint and most importantly ready-to-assemble cabinets are often on sale during this time of the year.

2.         Better climate

As summer transitions into winter, fall is a great time to renovate due to cooler, but not freezing temperatures. Big outdoor projects like landscaping and deck construction become more manageable when you don’t have to think about extreme weather conditions like heat waves and summer storms. Indoor projects can benefit from lower temps as well. Open the windows for some fresh air and a cool breeze to help speed up any paint project and keep strong scents from chemicals and sawdust out of your house.

3.         Your home will be ready for holidays

If your goal is to impress your guests during the holiday season, early autumn is still a good time to begin your renovations. If all goes according to schedule you could plan to have your home worked on during fall and then plan a reveal party during the holidays. However, give yourself and the project team plenty of time to complete any complex renovation project. Communicate with your contractor so it is very clear why the project needs to be done before the holidays. Family gatherings can be stressful enough as it is, you may not want the added pressure of rushing through your project to meet this deadline.

4.         No distractions

Unlike the summer months, fall tends to be a calmer season with less vacations and school back in session.  If you want to design that pristine bathroom or kitchen in a pinch, contractors can maneuver more efficiently without the additional distraction caused by homeowners and children. Also, when you begin your project in the fall, you can be confident it will be completed within your desired timeline as it’s typically a slower season for many contractors.

5.         Contractor availability

We all prefer to get work done at an affordable rate and planning your next project in the fall can help you stay on budget. Since fall is a less competitive time for contractors than summer it can be easier to find a professional who is willing to manage your project at a discounted rate.  During this time contractors can dedicate more time to your project because they are not under any pressure to work elsewhere.


If your summer months are jampacked with travel, sports, and outdoor activities, consider starting home improvement projects in the fall. Not only will you experience more flexibility when working with contractors, but you may also save a buck to two!