What to Say – and Not Say – at an Open House

Open houses are a great opportunity to learn about homes for sale in Colorado. By asking questions, listening to other home buyers, and talking to the agent, you can get the most valuable information from an open house. Learn what to say (and not say) at an open house with these tips:

Politely ask questions

Ask questions to learn as much as possible about a home for sale. You can ask the listing agent for details about the property – the reason the current homeowner is selling, if there are other offers, are there special assessments or other fees, etc. Preparing for an open house in advance can help you remember to ask the right questions.

Additionally, it could be helpful to get the agent’s opinion on the neighborhood and nearby schools. If the agent can’t answer all of your questions, ask where you can get the information.

Hold your remarks

Don’t forget open house etiquette! Keep comments to yourself while you’re on the tour. You never know who may be listening. If you end up in a multiple offer situation, you don’t want the seller choosing another buyer because they heard you critiquing their home.

Listen to others

Other buyers may be your competition, but they may know something you don’t about the property or neighborhood, such as the barking dog next door. Listen to other guests’ reactions to the home and engage in polite conversation. You don’t have to divulge details of your own search, but you never know what someone else might say.

Avoid Sharing too much

A little chit-chat is great! However, sharing too much about your personal information can put you at a disadvantage. If you’re talking to the listing agent, consider their agreement with the seller. Unless the agent is a transaction broker, they work for the seller. You don’t want to share any information that could compromise your bargaining position.

Ask your real estate agent to visit open houses with you or schedule private showings for homes you’re interested in. They can help you look for the right details and ask the right questions about a home for sale.

Search for homes in Colorado and practice these tips as you search for your Colorado home.