Utility Costs Got You Down?

The things we love about Colorado – the changing seasons, the snowy days, the warm summers – can make planning for utility costs a challenge. With UtilityScore, house hunters can find estimates for monthly utility costs of a home for sale. 

During the fall, temperatures can swing from the upper 80s to lower 40s every day. And with winter on its way, Coloradans must prepare for the possibility of subzero temperatures. Rapidly changing temperatures impact how often we use our home’s heating and air conditioning to stay comfortable.

Every house is different. Insulation, material, local climate, and lifestyle can all impact how heavily homeowners rely on utilities in their home.

Wouldn’t it be great to know the cost of utilities for a new home before you made the big purchase? With UtilityScore, you can!

Estimating Utility Costs

REcolorado launched UtilityScore to help Colorado house hunters understand the true cost of homeownership. With utility estimates showing for each home, buyers can easily see relevant information without leaving the home search site.

House hunters can use UtilityScore by going to REcolorado.com and doing a home search. For all single-family properties, the home’s UtilityScore will be shown along with detailed and accurate information about the home. Below is an example of a UtilityScore:

utility score home for sale cost estimateUtilityScore estimates monthly or annual energy and water costs based on information about a specific property. These factors include local utility rates, climate, property details, and lifestyle factors. Then, these factors are translated to a score on a 1-100 scale, with 100 representing very low utility bills and 1 representing very high utility bills. Learn more about how UtilityScore works with these frequently asked questions.

Work with a REALTOR®

listing agent recolorado home for sale

For more detail about a specific property, ask the listing agent. The listing agent is the most reliable source for information about a home for sale. If you have specific questions about a house, contact the listing agent — you can easily find their information on the listing detail page of REcolorado.com. See the image to the right for an example.

You should also work with your own real estate agent. With experience and expertise, they can help you spot warning signs in a house that can contribute to high utility costs.

Your real estate agent can help you understand all of the factors that impact the monthly cost of owning a home. Connect with a REALTOR® on REcolorado.com >>

Originally published July 17, 2018 — Updated July 11, 2019