Five Upgrades that Can Bring Your Home Value Down

There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining what your home is worth. As a homeowner, before you make any renovations you need to consider what effect those changes will have on your home’s value. While you may be in love with a certain style or look, potential buyers might have a different reaction. A house that is appealing to a large amount of the population in your area will be more in demand.

Here are some home decor trends that could potentially decrease the value of your home.

  1. Textured Walls and Ceilings
Interior House Wall Texture

Texture can add warmth and character to a drab room, but it can also be very difficult to remove. If a potential buyer views your upgrade as a time-consuming home improvement project, they might lower their offer or skip over your home entirely. Instead of creating a textured wall, consider decorating with distinctive wall art or elaborate picture arrangements, which can make your wall more interesting without permanently altering its surface.

2. Customized Carpeting

Customized Home Carpet

Compared to hardwood and laminate flooring, it doesn’t take long for carpet to show signs of wear and tear. Plus, carpet colors and textures are highly personal choices, and any custom touches can decrease what your home is worth. If you don’t want to upgrade to hardwood flooring before you sell, consider giving your carpets a good clean. Changing the carpet before selling might be wasted money if it doesn’t reflect the buyer’s taste.

3. Excessive Wallpaper

Home Wallpaper

Wallpaper has recently come back in a big way and can be a great option for expressing your personal style. However, in general, anything that makes your home hyper-personalized will make it harder to sell. Wallpaper can also be very difficult to remove and might be seen as a potential headache for buyers who want a move-in ready home.

4. Bold Paint Colors

Bold Interior Paint Colors

Nothing can change the appearance of a room more dramatically than bright paint, but outside-the-box colors could turn off any potential buyer who might not have a similar vision to yours. Fortunately, repainting before you list your home is an easy fix. Go with neutral colors to give buyers a blank canvas that allows them to envision the home in their own style.

5. Trendy Lighting Fixtures

Trendy Home Lighting Fixtures

When choosing a new lighting fixture, it’s tempting to select whatever is trendy at the moment, but that show-stopping light fixture might become dated quickly. The safest lighting investment is the one that is the most crowd-pleasing.

When you’re making home renovations or decor choices remember that the only constant in life is change and that the trends of today will most likely be out of style ten years from now. However, if you plan to live and love your home for a long time and one of these renovations will boost your enjoyment of the home during those years, then stick with what you like most. You’ll just need to plan for the cost of redoing that project before you sell to make your house appeal to more homebuyers.

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When you’re ready to sell, be sure to connect with a local real estate agent who can provide valuable advice and help you navigate the process.