Top Home Repairs Too Risky to Put Off

Ever spent the workweek planning out all the home projects you’ll get done over the weekend, only for the weekend to come and go without getting anything done? Let’s face it: some degree of procrastination comes with the territory for homeowners. While pushing off repainting your office or cleaning behind your refrigerator is probably okay, your home has some critical needs that you shouldn’t wait around to complete. In this article, we’ll review three major home repairs that you should tackle right away.

HVAC issues

Without a properly working air conditioner in the summer or a functioning furnace in the winter, your home is going to get very uncomfortable, very fast. In the winter, a broken-down furnace is even more cause for alarm: on below-freezing nights, losing your heating could put your home at risk of frozen pipes. Any major issues with your cooling and heating systems could also quickly turn into an expensive air conditioning repair or the need to replace the system.

If you’re noticing your home’s air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace acting up, call a local HVAC professional and have a technician out to inspect and service your system. Some of the early warning signs of potential trouble include poor performance, low efficiency, or strange sounds coming from the unit. By noticing and catching these issues early, you may be able to avoid the inconvenience, trouble, and expense of an extensive repair call.

Roof leaks and damage

Roofing issues, no matter how small or seemingly innocuous they start, almost always lead to trouble. Even something as harmless as missing shingles or out-of-place flashing can—with enough time—lead to a costly, headache-inducing roof leak. Roof leaks are among the most expensive home repairs: not only do you need to address the origin point of the issue, but you also need to clean up any water damage and mold that may have resulted from the leak.

In other words, it’s in your best interest to immediately address any roofing problems you notice. Be proactive and be on the lookout for roof problems: just taking a quick walk around the perimeter of your home and inspecting both the roof and flashing from the ground can be an effective way to spot problems. Any fallen shingles or tile you find on the ground are a sign that some of the protective material on your roof needs to be replaced. 

Finally, if you need to get up-close-and-personal, safely use a ladder to get at eye level. Never climb on your own roof: if you think something might need repairs, this is the point where you want to bring in a professional roofing contractor.

Sewer line trouble

We’ve already discussed some of the risks associated with water damage, but your home’s sewer or septic line is another point of potential trouble. As the ground shifts, tree roots expand, and the material ages, your home’s sewer or septic line could crack or separate, causing a leak in your yard. If you’re smelling sewage in your front or side yard right above where the line is buried, that’s a pretty good sign that you have a problem. Call a professional plumber and have them out to inspect the line and determine the best way to go about fixing it. 

Sewer and septic system issues only get worse the longer you wait. For example, a sewer line with a partial clog will eventually become fully clogged, triggering a sewer backup into your home—and thousands of dollars in damages. Like many serious plumbing issues, a sewer backup might appear to come straight out of the blue, but they’re often the result of the long-term buildup of grease, oils, and non-organic waste deep in the line. If all the drains in your home are clogging simultaneously, shut off the water and get a plumber out to your home as soon as possible.

When your home has a problem, act decisively

Like most homeowners, you probably have a lot on your plate. It’s tempting to push that roofing issue, garage repair, or pool problem to next weekend—after all, what’s the harm in waiting? However, for many critical areas of your home, this procrastination only leads to further damage, frustration, and financial pain. When faced with a significant problem, act on it immediately by calling in a professional for emergency service. Your real estate agent is a great resource and can recommend local contractors for your home.