Top 10 Home Blog Articles from 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, take a look back at some of REcolorado’s most popular articles on the REcolorado Home Blog this year. Simply click on the article title to read the full article.

REcolorado Market Watch Infographic November 2018

Market News & Stats
Each month, REcolorado produces a Market Watch report for the Denver Metro area. Find the latest housing market statistics, and what it means for Colorado home buyers and sellers.

couple outside tiny house location space

First Time Home Buyers: Location v. Space
Should first time home buyers focus on location or space? Colorado REALTORS® share their experience and offer advice.

two women hiking in Colorado

The 5 Best Denver Neighborhoods for Hiking Enthusiasts
There’s simply no denying it. Colorado is an outdoors person’s paradise. These five Denver neighborhoods offer easy access to hiking trails.

person signing lender documents

5 Tips for Choosing a Lender
How do Colorado home buyers choose the right lender? Local real estate experts offer tips for home buyers choosing a lender.

Colorado Rockies Coors Field baseball diamond

How the Colorado Rockies Predicts Home Value
What does baseball have to do with the housing market? We set out to find the answer.

older home maintenance schedule

Maintenance Tips for Older Homes
While older homes are full of character, history, and charm, they also tend to need more maintenance than newer properties. Read on for some tips you can follow today.

mountain vacation home interior

Buying a Vacation Home in Colorado
Buying a vacation home is a completely different experience than buying an everyday home. Colorado real estate agents share what you’ll need to consider.

house yard mulch yardwork spring

7 Yardwork Tips for a Picture Perfect Home
Make your home stand out with a picture perfect yard! Tiffany Rowe offers 7 yardwork tips to get your home ready for summer.

planning notebook desk home selling

Things to do NOW if you’re Planning on Selling Your Home this Year
Do your 2018 plans call for selling your Colorado home? Make sure you are prepared before the home buying and selling season begins by following these five steps.

winter garden shovel dirt green sprouting

Winter Gardening Tips
Take advantage of the season by planting winter vegetables and using containers or covers to protect your garden. Stephanie Smith, Lawnstarter, offers tips for winter gardening in Colorado. 

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