Top 10 Home Blog Articles from 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, take a look back at some of REcolorado’s most popular articles on the REcolorado Home Blog this year:

two women hiking in Colorado

The 5 Best Denver Neighborhoods for Hiking Enthusiasts

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, Colorado is the place for you. There are countless hiking trails across the state, and many just 30 minutes away from Denver.

REcolorado Client Portal Laptop

Say Hello to Your All-New Client Portal

REcolorado released enhancements to the Client Portal that will enhance your user experience and allow you to better keep in touch with your agent.

quaint Colorado home

How to Get your Home Market Ready

Are you planning to list your Colorado home this spring? This post will outline the dos and don’ts of making your home market-ready.

denver modern home architecture

What is the Next Hot Home Architecture Trend in Colorado?

Colorado has a lot of home design and architectural styles to offer. Real estate agents predict what home architecture styles home buyers are looking for.

property having an open house

Owning vs. Renting in Colorado: The Pros and Cons

When there’s a strong demand for housing, prices tend to rise making the choice between renting or buying a real concern, here are pros and cons to each.

spring snap dragons

Your Colorado Yard “To Do” List

This time of year, Colorado’s unpredictable Spring climate can play havoc with your yard, trees, shrubs, and lawn. Here are some ideas to prepare.

Colorado state football stadium

Relocating to Colorado: You Know You’re from Colorado When…

REcolorado offers advice for home buyers relocating to Colorado. How do you know when you’re officially a Coloradan? We share 10 ways to know you’re a local.

Denver skyline with popular neighborhoods

Up-and-Coming Denver Neighborhoods

As the Colorado real estate market continues to boom, many home buyers are looking to up-and-coming communities like Globeville to find affordable housing.

home with for sale sign in yard

For Sale by Owner: Cost v. Savings

A recent study shows that real estate agents offer value above the cost of commission for home sellers. For-sale-by-owners homes sell at lower prices.

bright colorful living room

Summer 2017 Home Design Trends

Homeowners across Colorado are preparing their homes for summer! Before you tackle your next home improvement project consider these home design trends.