Tips and Tricks for Colorado Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year. The air feels cleaner and warmer, and you’re starting to uncover the grill, sweep off the patio, and prep your yard for outdoor living. It’s also the time of year for spring cleaning. In Colorado, spring cleaning might mean rearranging your garage so it’s easier to grab your kayak or mountain bike and put the skiis on a higher shelf.

But, if you’re like most of us, in the new extended hours of daylight, you’re wondering where all the “stuff” collected over the winter?! And how did those wall coverings get so dusty, and why is the bathroom porcelain so dingy?

There are zillions of spring cleaning tips from soaking paper towels in vinegar and laying them over your faucets and sinks for half an hour to get the “sparkle” back – to cleaning windows and screens with kerosene. . . Check out sites like Good Housekeeping’s 30 Day Guide or shortcuts from RealSimple on flipping mattresses, rugs, drapes. . . plus, it’s a good idea to have mechanicals like air conditioners, swamp coolers and sprinkler systems checked thoroughly.

We talked to several experts, and like what Marcus Mollman of Closet Box has to say about his “Stash vs. Trash” ideas, and this list of ten suggestions to de-clutter:

1.  If it’s furniture, keep it around/Stash.  For example, your infant may need that “big girl” bed in a year or two, and furniture is expensive to replace.

2. Electronics: Trash.  These get dated and are cheaper to replace new.  In Colorado, you must recycle these items, however.

3. Kids’ Art:  Pick out a few pieces and stash.

4. Boxes:  Stash a few and recycle or give away.

5. Old magazines/newspapers:  Trash.

6. Kids’ clothes:  if you’re going to have more kids, stash.  If not, trash (via donate).

7. Clothes:  Trash (again, donate wearable items, trash torn or stained ones).

8. Sporting Equipment:  Stash.  Especially if it’s kids’ gear – it doesn’t get that outdated.

9. Holiday decorations:   If it’s low cost to replace, like wrapping paper, trash.  If it’s sentimental, like ornaments, STASH.

10. Books:  Keep what you’ll use, like kids’ books or travel books. Trash/donate/recycle what is collecting dust.

And, if you’re thinking about listing your home this Spring, then you’ll want to put your Spring Cleaning and de-cluttering programs in high gear NOW!  Ask your REColorado Realtor for ideas to show your home off to maximize it’s best marketing potential.