Tips for Finding a Green Home

Green home features are still evolving, as is how homebuyers can search for them! Whether you’re looking for ways to go green at home or to reduce your monthly expenses, consider these tips as you search for an earth-friendly home.

Search for Homes with Green Features

Many homes in Colorado have been built with green features and new eco-houses are coming on the market. There are many types of green home features homebuyers can consider, including solar panels, energy star appliances, triple pane windows, and even home gardens. Use the Remarks Keyword Search to search for the green features you’re most interested in. Simply type “solar panels” or “energy star” to find listings of homes for sale that include these features.

Keep in mind, not every detail about a home can be included in the home listing description. For more detail about a home for sale, contact the listing agent. REcolorado provides contact information for the listing agent with every home for sale shown on our home search website. Because we do not allow agents to advertise on our site, you will always see only information for the actual listing agent.

The listing agent has the most accurate and complete information about a home for sale so they can answer all of your questions about the green features of a specific home.

Estimate Utility Costs

Reducing your utility bill not only saves you money but also reduces your energy demand and use at home. It can be difficult to guess how much energy you will use in a new home. Keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer can be expensive depending on the heating and cooling system and insulation in a home. among other factors.

With, homebuyers can prepare for the hidden costs of buying a home by using Utility Score. This tool predicts how much a specific home’s electric, natural gas, water and sewer bills will be. This helps homebuyers understand the true cost of homeownership.

You can also use Utility Score to learn about ways to reduce your utility costs. Utility Score provides personalized recommendations for home improvements that save 25% on energy and water bills.

Reduce your Drive Time

Going green starts at home, but where you live can also impact your overall carbon footprint. Think about commuting. If you live far from work and spend a lot of time in the car every day, your commute will drive up your energy costs and impact.

While you’re searching for homes, look for homes close to work or public transportation. REcolorado offers two tools to help you do that: INRIX Drive Time and Walk Score.

INRIX Drive Time allows homebuyers to view actual drive times with traffic from home to work. Simply enter your address to calculate commute time. By factoring in real data about traffic, this tool can better predict how much time you’ll spend in your car commuting between work and home.

Walk Score provides information about walking, biking, and transit options for a home. By clicking on the Walk Score tab, home buyers can easily see ratings about the walk-friendliness of a home. This will help you see if a neighborhood is car-dependent or easy to get around with alternative transportation.

There are many ways to go green at home! Search homes for sale on and uses these tools to find an eco-house or green, Earth-friendly home in Colorado!