Things You Can Update in Your Home While Quarantined

As of right now, most people in the U.S. are self-isolating rather than full-on quarantining themselves in response to the coronavirus. All this extra time at home is also an opportunity to work on projects that give our homes a new look.

Keep the current situation in mind when working on home projects. Maintain social distancing and stay home when possible. Even if you aren’t worried about getting COVID-19 or are considered low-risk, you can still spread it to vulnerable individuals. Hitting the hardware stores two or three times a day for supplies and other odds and ends isn’t helping the situation. Order what you need online and have it delivered, or take advantage of services like curbside pickup.

One potential idea is to see what’s on hand before going out for supplies. If you have the fixtures and tools to install a project you’ve been putting off for a while, now’s the perfect time to get it done finally. A self-imposed quarantine might mean being creative and resourceful when it comes to home projects. A spatula can spread a joint compound over a small hole in drywall just fine.


Maintaining a clean home and keeping it clutter-free is something we all strive for and sometimes fall short, especially if we have small children working as a full-time wrecking crew. Take advantage of this time to clean up beyond the daily routines. Go for a deep clean such as scrubbing the walls, sweeping under the furnace, and dusting behind appliances. It’s time for spring cleaning anyway. The “no time for it” excuse won’t cut it this year. Not to mention the added satisfaction when it comes to killing germs including the coronavirus.

Rearrange Rooms

Even if you weren’t super thrilled with your job, chances are you miss getting out of the house. But since you can’t leave home, you might as well make it look a little different. Rearranging furniture is a simple way to do this. Changing the floor plan of a room can open up more space and maybe help alleviate that cooped-up feeling being at home all day and night gives us. Moving furniture might also be the closest thing some of us will get to a workout during the quarantine period.


A fresh coat of paint can transform a dull room into a vibrant sanctuary that makes social distancing easier. Or it might be time to repaint a kid’s bedroom now that they’re matured past ponies and racecars. Painting a room is also a relatively easy task that can be done inside a day. It doesn’t have to be a whole room. Accenting the trim or revitalizing windowsills can add a much-needed freshness or splash of color without changing the room’s underlying vibe.


A great thing about landscaping projects is that you probably already have what you need to do much of the work. With any luck, you might even have leftover seed packets or already ordered bulbs before the lockdown. Shovels, rakes, a wheelbarrow, and a hose go a long way, especially if you’re sprucing up the yard after a long winter. A great thing about landscaping is that it gets you outside. Sunshine and fresh air are good for mental health and destressing, especially during a time like this. 

Start a Garden

Gardening is a hobby many people will be inspired to take up after seeing all the empty store shelves. Too bad you can’t grow toilet paper, though. Spring is the right time to build a garden plot, and depending on what part of the country you live in, start planting. Options like a raised garden can be as beautiful as a manicured flowerbed and can supply fresh vegetables throughout the summer. You may need to add a fence at some point, depending on the local wildlife. Animals like deer love to sneak in and eat all your fresh veggies.

Basic Maintenance

While performing basic repairs and maintenance on your home and appliances, making sure everything is in good repair can prevent future problems and save money. It only takes minutes to complete simple tasks like changing central heat and air filters and washing machine hoses. We all know that home warranties can protect your appliances, but taking care of brewing problems before they become a major headache is better. No one wants to deal with an exploding water heater, doubly so when your plumber may be self-quarantining.

New Lighting

There are several ways to approach adding new lighting to a home for large or small budgets, whether you are a skilled DIYer or a home improvement beginner. The simple and easy way to get new lighting is to buy modern floor lamps or change lightbulbs. Switching from a soft white to daylight bulb can have a dramatic effect on a room. For those of you more comfortable with tools and wiring, changing an old light fixture to a new ceiling fan or even installing track lighting is a great way to bring a room into the 2020s.