Summer Home Maintenance Guide

Now that summer’s here, you can take a break, right? Not so fast. Just because you’ve put away the snow blower doesn’t mean there’s not work to do. This is the perfect time to tackle those home maintenance chores.

Making sure both the interior and exterior portions of your home are in good working order is essential during this time of the year. This summer home maintenance guide can help you prioritize.


Increase Air Flow

Whether you use an air conditioner or swamp cooler, make sure the filter is clean, and the unit is free of weeds and debris. Exchange air filters every month for the best airflow and air quality within your home. Use a damp cloth to wipe off ceiling fans for optimal airflow during this busiest part of the year.

Mend Window Screens

While the actual screen is on the outside of your home, mending window screens will help benefit the interior. Fixing those tears in the screen allows you to open the window more often during the summer to air out your home. Open windows on cool summer nights will also help lower your electric bills.

Clean the Chimney

This is an excellent time to call a chimney cleaning service, before they’re overwhelmed with requests. You’ll have an easier time finding specials and discounts as you get your fireplace ready for winter.

Clean Your Dryer Vent and Air Ducts

You’ve had the heat running all winter, so the ducts are full of dust and debris. Now’s the perfect time to have the ducts blown out. Cleaning the dryer vents will prevent the lint from building up and causing a fire.


Clean Gutters

Don’t wait till the end of autumn to clean the gutters. The debris has piled up in the past few months. The leaves and even small animals can get stuck and cause rainwater to overflow onto your roof and yard. It’s much easier to clean the gutters twice a year than it is to repair a roof or foundation.

Check the Siding

Walk around the exterior and check the siding for breaks and rotting wood. It’s easy to replace a few pieces. Sometimes all the house needs is some touch-up paint. A little work now can save you from costly repairs during the winter.

Clean Grills

You’re no doubt using your grill or smoker often right now. It’s a great way to enjoy our cooler nights without heating up the house. Take some time to clean out the grease and debris that could cause a fire.


You won’t mind the wet task of pressure-washing during the hot summer months. Pressure-washing is an easy way to scour the salt, grime, and dirt off the walkways and other hardscaped areas. You can also give the fence and deck a once over. It can be OK on parts of the exterior of the house, too, but be very cautious with windows and aluminum siding and older parts of the house. You don’t want to create costly repairs for yourself by forcing water into crevices and knocking off loose paint and mortar.

Keep It Trimmed

Mowing the lawn regularly goes along with homeownership. A lush, green lawn enhances your home’s curb appeal and keeps the pests and diseases away. Try mowing diagonally or in a pattern occasionally. It’s important to mow in a different direction each time to keep the grass from leaning. You’ll also want to give your bushes and shrubs one last trim before fall.

This is also a great time to check the sprinkler heads for leaks. A leaking sprinkler can add hundreds of dollars onto your water bill and cost you a hefty fine.

Control Weeds with Mulch

Summer is the prime time for weeds. Control them by adding mulch around the trees and flower beds. Organic mulch options, such as bark dust and grass clippings, can help deter weeds from popping up. Inorganic mulch options, like pea gravel and stones, can also help create a weed-free yard.

Both Interior/Exterior

Wash the Windows

Summer is a great time to wash both the inside and outside of your windows. Long winters can easily add grime and dirt. Take advantage of the warm weather and give those windows a good scrub to brighten your home.

Tackle these tasks now while it’s still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. It won’t be long before the first frost arrives.

Meredith Hale is a gardening and landscape writer, and design addict. She has coordinated the design on many house flipping projects, admitting that her favorite part is creating inspired outdoor spaces.