Summer 2017 Home Design Trends

Three Home Design Trends Colorado Homeowners Need to Know this Summer

From spring cleaning to patio furniture, homeowners across Colorado are preparing their homes for summer! Before you tackle your next home improvement project, consider these current home design trends.

Light & Bright Colors

When summer hits, people gravitate toward lighter, brighter color palettes to create a welcoming, airy feel in their home. Avoid dark and oversized furniture in favor of decor with a cool, crisp, and clean feeling in line with this summer’s trends.

To brighten your rooms, add a pop of color! Try one of these HGTV trending summer colors:

  • Cobalt Blue – A statement maker, bright blue can open your living area.
  • Exotic Orange – Energizing, especially as an accent color.
  • Sunny Yellow – Choose yellow for it’s cheeriness and bring a smile to your room!
  • Soft Gray – This color conveys calm, breezy qualities. Perfect for bedrooms.


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Out with the Old

While vintage design elements are still trendy, more people are mixing elements of past, present, and future in their home design. Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Choosing an antique piece of furniture doesn’t commit you to only one “period” of design.

Speaking of past design periods, oversized furniture is out. When space is a premium, especially in real estate markets like Denver, using space more efficiently and functionally is critical. Instead of the oversized sofas and tables, look for pieces that will be scaled properly for a room with functionality in mind.

Kitchen and Bath

All white palettes are a favorite in kitchens and bathrooms. More bathroom remodels and kitchen backsplashes feature subway tiles. Where granite used to be the go-to for home design, marble countertops are growing in popularity.

While stainless steel appliances were nearly as ubiquitous as granite, they too are losing ground. Matte finishes and softer metals, like bronze and gold, have started upstaging brushed metal.


As the weather warms and summer draws near, tackle your home improvement projects with these summer home design trends. Don’t be afraid to consult with a professional to make sure you’re selections work best for your home and your spaces.


Sellers: If you’re preparing to sell your home, a real estate agent or REALTOR® can offer advice for what home design changes have the best bang for your buck and help you stage your home for sale.

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