Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

Beautiful spring weather has many Coloradans enjoying the great outdoors. But if you aren’t outside playing, chances are you’re inside tackling your spring cleaning. Take care of your home maintenance tasks early so you can spend the summer playing! Try these tips to optimize spring cleaning in your home:

Get organized

Make a list of the spring cleaning tasks you want to complete. Rank in order of priority, and make your way down the list. Some infrequent projects, like cleaning exterior windows or baseboards, are easy to neglect but can make a big difference in your home.

Don’t forget about organization projects! Tackling the junk drawer or overflowing closet. Instead of making piles for donations or storage to deal with later, pack these items directly in a box to store or donate as you go. For more, check out these home organizing tips you can’t live without.

Curb Appeal

If you are selling your home this year, tackle the exterior of your home first. Curb appeal can make a big difference in attracting potential home buyers. Start by picking up – sweep the porch, rake leaves, pull weeds – then identify larger projects.

A fresh coat of paint can transform your exterior. Make sure the siding is in good condition. If not, make those repairs before painting.

Landscaping can also transform your yard. As the temperature rises, make sure your lawn is watered and landscaping is tended to combat the heat. Try these 7 Yardwork Tips for a Picture Perfect Home.

Clean as you Go

Tackle your house cleaning room by room. Start in the rooms where you spend the most time for the biggest impact quickly.

First, collect all the belongings that don’t belong in that room. Laundry baskets are a great way to gather misplaced items, like toys or books, and return them to the room where they belong.

Next, start cleaning! Keep a small bucket handy, pre-packed with all the cleaning supplies you’ll need. Look at your list of spring cleaning tasks and check them off one room at a time.

As you tackle your spring cleaning, think about long-term home improvement projects. Talk with your realtor about whether a DIY project will boost your home value. Your REALTOR® can provide valuable insight into the housing market and home value. If there is a project that you’re not comfortable doing yourself, your real estate agent can also recommend local contractors.

Spring cleaning can make a big improvement in your home. Don’t forget to get outside and enjoy all Colorado has to offer!