Searching for Vacation Homes & Timeshares

Home buyers can search for timeshares on Timeshares, or properties with a divided form of ownership or use rights, allow multiple people to share ownership in a property. Vacation homes or second homes are more likely to have a partial ownership arrangement. And with so many great ski towns across Colorado, timeshares are a popular option in these popular areas.

On many national home search sites, these types of listings (called “fractional listings”) are filtered out and do not display. Because REcolorado is local, our home search site is able to display all types of listings to home buyers and sellers. This is especially helpful in mountain cities, like Steamboat Springs, which benefit from timeshare arrangements and vacation properties.

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What types of homes are included?

Timeshare is “the arrangement whereby several joint owners have the right to use a property as a vacation home under a time-sharing agreement.”

In the multiple listing service or MLS, the “Partial Ownership” field includes fractional, shared interest, timeshare, and vacation club properties. Colorado home buyers can search and see all of these types of properties on the home search site,

How do I search for timeshares?

Start your vacation home search on Under the “More Options” tab, find the Property Type drop-down menu. First choose “Residential” from the drop-down menu, then click the box next to Timeshare.

REcolorado home search options property type timeshare

REcolorado home search results timeshare

Homes that fit this category have the label “Time Share” in the search results. Click through to the property to learn more about the vacation home or timeshare listing.

For details about a specific property, reach out to the listing broker. REcolorado shows information about the REALTOR or real estate agent on each listing page. The listing agent knows the most about the property and can answer any of your questions.

Is a Timeshare right for me?

There are pros and cons to every real estate investment, including timeshare properties. For advice specific to you, talk to your real estate agent.

Your real estate agent can help you identify the risks and factors most important to you to make an educated decision. They can also provide expertise about the local housing market, including vacation destinations or popular places to live.

If you’re already working with a REALTOR, use the tools available on with them to help your search. If you’re not yet working with an agent, connect with a local real estate agent.