Safety Tips: Celebrating the Fourth of July at Home

As people across Colorado prepare to celebrate the fourth of July with fireworks, BBQs, and gatherings, keep safety in mind! Follow these guidelines to keep you and your home safe this Independence Day.


Check fire bans in your area and make sure fireworks are legal before you buy or use them. In Colorado, any firework that leaves the ground is illegal, but some areas allow sparklers, snakes, and fountains.

Even sparklers can be dangerous, so use extreme caution when dealing with any time of firework. Give yourself plenty of space and find a safe location away from the house or anything flammable. Always supervise children and keep emergency supplies nearby – quick access to water or a first aid kit can help in an emergency. Find even more fire safety tips from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


While less obviously dangerous than fireworks, any flame can pose a fire risk at home – even your grill! July is one of the peak months for grilling fires, according to ADT, so keep safety in mind as you’re preparing your Independence Day meal.

Use the grill at a safe distance away from your house, tree branches, and deck railings. Keep the grill clean to remove grease and fat that can cause unexpected flames. Following proper care and maintenance guidelines, like checking the hoses for leaks periodically, can keep your grill in good shape and mitigate dangerous conditions.

Make sure children understand safety as well – avoid accidents by keeping pets and small children away from the grill.


The forecast in Denver is showing another hot and sunny day this Fourth of July with a potential for some rain! Stay cool and avoid the dangers that come along with the heat.

If you’re celebrating outside for an extended period of time, pay attention to your perishable food. Avoid food poisoning by keeping these items in the refrigerator or a cooler.

Take care of yourself, too! Use sunscreen at least every two hours when spending time outside. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, and find relief in the shade or indoors.

Whether at home or in the community, stay safe as you celebrate this Independence Day!