Most Popular Colorado Zip Codes Among Millennials

A new study from highlights Colorado zip codes where millennials are living and moving at the highest rates. Denver and Colorado Springs top the list. By analyzing U.S. Census Bureau data, confirmed that millennials prefer to live in and near downtowns, with vibrant, walkable city neighborhoods where things are happening. Further, in Colorado, millennials flock to Denver and Colorado Springs.

The researchers also looked at specific zip codes to determine the most popular zip codes for millennials, based on the share of millennials and total number within the zip codes. Here’s what they found.

Here Are the Most Popular Colorado Zip Codes Among Millennials

As one of the nation’s largest generations, millennials have a big impact on the housing market. Millennials tend to favor flexibility when it comes to housing, choosing experiences over stability. New research from apartment search website shows that nationwide, this cohort has a definite preference for vibrant areas, drawn to areas near downtown. But what about millennials living in Colorado?

Top Denver Zip Codes

Using U.S. Census data, analysts showed that Denver’s 80206 is leading in Colorado. This zip cope saw a 37.1% increase in millennial share over a 5-year period (2011-2016). The zip code includes thriving neighborhoods such as Cherry Creek, Congress Park, and City Park West. In total, 80206 boasts a total millennial population of 10,700.

Of the top 10 trending millennial zip codes in Colorado, Denver claimed 8 spots and it’s easy to see why. Although renting Denver apartments can be a bit pricey at about $1,500 per month, the city boasts a strong economy and plenty of job opportunities.

top millennial zip codes colorado

In addition, other prominent millennial-laden zips included in the top are Denver’s 80209 (Washington Park) with an increase of 35.3% and 80224 (Virginia Village) with 34.4%.

Occupying the 6th position in the top with a 30.9% increase in millennial population, zip 80246 also stands out due to its impressive share of millennials (54%). Out of a total population of 13,300 residents, over 7,100 are millennials.

Top Colorado Springs Zip Codes

Colorado Springs is the second most popular city in the state for millennials, represented by zip codes 80925 and 80907. Although only about 3,400 millennials live in zip code 80925, the population has seen a significant boost since 2011. The millennial population has grown by 35.7% or about 1,700 people.

Last but not least, Colorado Springs’ 80907 is 10th in the top. The zip code witnessed an increase of 26.9%, upping its millennial population from 6,600 in 2011, to 8,900 in 2016.

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