How to Make Your Pet Rental-Friendly

One of the most important things you can do as a great rental tenant is to make sure your pet is a great rental tenant, too. There’s nothing worse than living next to a dog who won’t stop barking or living with carpet that smells like cat urine. But, how do you help your pets settle in to their new Colorado home?

Whether you are renting or own your home, following these tips can make both you and your pet happier and healthier at home.

Tips for Renters with Dogs

Take your dog for LONG walks regularly and always leave him tired and happy. You might even consider crating him while you’re out during the day. May experts encourage owners to teach their dogs to love their crate by giving them special treats while inside.

Always leave distraction toys with your pets. Some dogs experience separation anxiety when their owners are away, so make sure they have their favorite toys to chew on so they can release nervous energy without scratching at your door or tearing apart your couch. You can also try leaving on the TV or radio on so they don’t feel so alone.

Consider hiring a dog walker or sending him to daycare. This way, you’ll avoid leaving him alone for long periods of time and you’ll help him to stay healthy and expend energy he wouldn’t otherwise.

Thunder blankets and companion toys are also a good option. These often help pets to stay calm by reducing stress levels throughout the day.

Tips for Renters with Cats

If you have a cat, get a large litterbox and make sure it’s cleaned DAILY. Cats will likely relieve themselves outside their litter box – on the carpet – if it isn’t clean. This can mean a penalty like losing your deposit when you move out of the apartment. If you own your home, cat urine stains and smells make it more difficult to find a buyer when you sell your home.

Just as with dogs, for cats it’s important to have a variety of toys and at least once scratching post in your home. Cats need to expend energy too, and while their habits may differ from those of dogs, their basic needs are the same. Many cats like to scratch after they wake up, so place a scratching post near to their favorite sleeping spot.

Finally, make sure that both your cats and dogs are protected from pests like fleas a ticks. Interestingly, fleas only spend a short 20% of their lifespan on your pets. The rest of the time, they live in your carpet and furniture.

Pet lovers go out of their way to make sure their pets are comfortable in their home (including some quirky pet features). But with a few good habits, both you and your pet can be happy and comfortable in your Colorado home.

Now that you know these simple tricks to making your pet rental-ready, you’re all set to make any rental pad your home! Find more tips on searching for a pet-friendly rental.


Originally published January 20,2017 — Updated March 22, 2018