REcolorado Neighborhood Report – Washington Park

Washington Park is a popular central “small town” Denver neighborhood and 166-acre public urban park. The park is beloved for its historic buildings, lakes, ten tennis courts, lawns, large flower gardens, recreation center, bike and walking trails. It’s a recreational mecca for Denverites. Joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and parents with strollers congregate here year ‘round.  In spring and summer, volleyball nets are set up and open to the public. Competitive tennis ladders include singles, doubles and mixed doubles. Wintertime brings cross country skiis and snowshoes out.

Reinhard Scheutze is recognized as the original developer of the park in 1899 but influenced by city planner George Kessler, the Olmsted Brothers, and the famous philanthropist “The Unsinkable” Molly Brown. Denver was still quite rural when the neighborhood began developing – transforming from prairie lands to potato fields to “posh”. Due to its welcoming appearance and unique characteristics, the Washington Park was designated as one of the “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association in the year 2012.[9]”.

Commonly called “Wash Park”, there are two distinct East Wash Park and Wash Park neighborhoods. Since 1972, official city statistics have tracked Washington Park West as separate from eastern “Washington Park.” The (eastern) Washington Park neighborhood has borders defined by the city of Denver as:  Downing Street, Cherry Creek Drive, I-25, and University Boulevard.

Housing in Washington Park includes a multitude of architectural styles ranging from new construction to extensive remodels to vintage brick bungalows and tudor-style homes.

The average lot size is 4,750 – 6,250 sq ft, and the average size home (w/out basement) for bungalows and tudors are 950 – 1300 sq ft.  New construction ranges 2100 – 2450 sq ft without basement. Most housing is single family residences, but there are multi-family brownstones, multi-family units and apartments. Due to its popularity, values are higher in both the east Wash Park and West Wash Park neighborhoods – with a medium price per square foot of $560 and range of $602,200 in West Wash Park to $898,000 in Wash Park East.  (Zillow, data through Dec 31, 2016).

Old South Gaylord Street is a favorite with locals and walk to bars like Wash Park Grill, Reivers’ and merchants like Lil Angel Pet Boutique & R & D Winery. Wash Park West has a hipper, younger crowd with lots of bars, coffee shops and tattoo parlors. Check out this handy guide to Washington Park for more information.