Moving Tips from a Recent Colorado Transplant

Moving is a big deal, especially if you’re moving to a new state. With so many reasons to be excited about a move to Colorado, don’t let dread for the move itself get in the way. Tiffani Wroe shares personal advice and insight based on her recent move to Colorado.

Moving to Colorado: Tips for Success

There isn’t enough space on the internet to list why moving to Colorado is a good idea. Census data indicates that Colorado’s population is increasing by about 1.4 percent every year; more than 80 thousand people moved into the state last year alone, making Colorado among the most popular states to move in the Union.

Without shame, I proudly proclaim myself a Colorado immigrant. Last spring, I relocated from Texas to Colorado to take advantage of the crisp mountain air and clear sunshine, among other reasons. I can say I haven’t looked back, but I can also say that moving to Colorado has been an ordeal that I hardly expected. Here are tips and tricks based on personal experience for a successful Colorado relocation.

Hire Movers

This is a good piece of advice for whether you are moving a few blocks north or relocating to a completely different country: hire movers. Professional movers aren’t as expensive as they seem; after you rent a moving truck, pay for insurance and gas, buy moving boxes and void fill, and get enough food and drinks to keep your family and friends around to help, you’ll have paid at least as much as the basic cost of movers. You can avoid wasting anyone’s time by paying a bit more for the luxury of professionals.

Seriously, Get Movers

Movers come with experience. The average person moves just 11 times throughout their life, while professional movers can do that in a single week. As a result, movers know all the tricks for moving quickly, efficiently, and safely. They know how to load items in boxes, carry heavy furniture and stack a truck to ensure that nothing gets bent or broken — and if it does, they have insurance to cover the costs of repair or replacement. It didn’t take me long to find Dallas moving companies capable of performing an interstate relocation, and it was well worth the expense.

Adjust to the Altitude

Denver isn’t called the Mile-high City for nothing. The extreme elevation of many cities in Colorado gives many newcomers altitude sickness, which can vary in severity from person to person. I was lucky enough to experience a relatively minor case, which had me feeling dizzy and fatigued for a week or two after the move. However, you might have a more intense bout, which comes with shortness of breath, loss of coordination, headaches, and nausea. The most extreme altitude sickness, which is rare and might require hospitalization, includes an inability to walk, extreme confusion, coughing, and bluish skin.

All this is to say that you should be kind to yourself during the first few days or weeks after your move. Moving in will be slow, but you can be certain that you will acclimate soon and begin living a fuller life in Colorado.

Tweak Your Budget

On average, you can make more money in Colorado — but you’ll spend more money, too. Colorado has a higher cost of living than the national average, meaning basics like milk and bread may run you more than you currently pay. Even though I came to Colorado after finding a job with a better salary than I had in Texas, I still tweaked my budget to account for both the costs of moving and the increased cost of living so I could be sure to have money available to live comfortably.

Understand Colorado’s Politics

Before Colorado, I lived in Texas — a notoriously bright-red state. Though Colorado boasts some progressive policies, like being the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, overall the state is a pretty solid purple. That means you should expect to be bombarded with political information from all campaigns, over the phone and at your door.

More importantly, you should know about the tax situation. The state of Colorado has a flat sales tax, but most cities and counties add their own taxes on top. In some areas, sales tax amounts to more than 9 percent, which can be a big jump if you are coming from someplace like Delaware or Montana. Fortunately, Colorado makes up for the high sales tax with exceedingly low property taxes. Coming from Texas, I saw any property tax an increase, but considering that homes are much more valuable in Colorado than in other states, the low property taxes are a nice reprieve.

Meet Your Neighbors

Finally, most places in Colorado have a friendly atmosphere that is worth immersing yourself in. By and large, Coloradoans are younger and more educated than dwellers in other states, making them excellent conversationalist and eager for adventure. Because I introduced myself to my neighbors right away, I immediately felt connected to my new community and ready to build a better life.

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Originally posted May 2019.