How to Use Keyword Search

The home search is about more than number of bedrooms and bathrooms or square footage. Because there are many features that make a property unique, the broker remarks and property details section allows home buyers to learn more about a property. Use the Remarks Keyword Search to perform custom searches on

Broker Remarks & Property Details

The listing agent can include more details about a home for sale in the broker remarks field than can be captured in other fields. In this section, an agent can include key notes about the property, including property or neighborhood features.

REcolorado’s home search site includes broker remarks under the Property Details section. When you click on a listing on the home search site, you’ll be directed to a page with details on the property. This page includes photos of the home for sale, a description of the property, and listing information.

Create a Custom Home Search with Keyword Search

Listing information is easy to search using the fields in the home for sale search form. Did you know you can also search the property description? It’s simple using the Remarks Keyword Search!

From the search bar, click the “More Options” button. You’ll see an expanded view with more fields, including property type, square footage, open houses, and more.

REcolorado home search bar more options

On this screen, you’ll see a search bar labeled “Keywords.” This field scans the property details and description for the words you type. You can search specific home features, like spa, pool, or upgrade. Search for the things that fit your lifestyle! Basketball hoops, man cave, finished basement, hot tub… all of these items could appear in the broker remarks section with your search.

REcolorado keywords search bar

For more information on using the Remarks Keyword Search, talk with your REALTOR®. You can use the REcolorado home search tools with your current real estate agent or connect with one on the site. Your real estate agent can perform custom searches and help you understand listing information. Don’t just find a house — find the home that fits your lifestyle!