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What is 

We’re Colorado’s largest multiple listing service (MLS) website. For a listing to appear online, it must be entered on the MLS first. Which means, we are where listings start. Our goal is to make the homebuying and selling process easier for both real estate agents and homebuyers and sellers by housing accurate and reliable real estate information including listing data, market trends and statistics, affordability, and mortgage calculators, and more.  

Why should I use 

When you begin your home buying and selling journey, you want a resource you can trust will be accurate, fast and reliable. And that’s! 

And we care (maybe a bit too much!) about giving you autonomy and useful information that empowers you to make educated buying and selling decisions. 

Whether you are looking to connect with a real estate agent, perform a home valuation, determine your monthly budget, explore Colorado communities, or find your next home, you can be sure that every resource available to you on was developed to make your experience simpler.  That’s the power of using the MLS!  

How do I create a My REcolorado Account? 

To create a My REcolorado Account visit and navigate to the gold login button at the top right-hand corner of your screen. A pop-up will appear with two places to log in. To Create an Account click ‘Looking to Create an Account.’ A new pop-up will appear with profile fields for you to enter. Enter the fields and click ‘Create Account.’ 

What is the benefit of creating a My REcolorado Account? 

Having a My REcolorado Account helps you stay organization so you can easily find saved property and listing information and contact your agent! Gone are the days of recreating map boundaries and filters every time you want to see new listings. Your My REcolorado Account stores you Saved Listings, Saved Searches and Agent information all in one place.  

Where do I find my saved searches and favorite properties? 

Your Saved Listings and Saved Searches can be found in your My REcolorado Account.  

How do I connect with my existing agent? 

If you are already working with a real estate agent and simply want to connect with them in your My REcolorado Account, login to your profile, select the ‘My Agent’ tab and in the ‘Search an Agent’ search bar type in your agent’s name. Click on your agent’s information to be taken to their agent profile. Within the agent profile you will see three buttons next to their profile picture. To connect, click the third button ‘Connect with Me.’  A pop-up will appear, select ‘Yes’ when prompted if you’d like to update your connection.  Now when you view property listings, your connected agent’s information will be visible, making it easy to ask your agent questions, give them a call or ask to schedule a tour. 

How do I find and connect with an agent? 

To find and connect with a new agent, hover over the ‘Find an Agent’ tab on the homepage. Click ‘Find an Agent.’ Here you will find over 28,000 local experts ready and waiting to assist you in your homebuying and selling journey! At the top of the page, you can apply filters to help you find the agent that suits your needs! Once you’d like to connect, click their image to be directed to their agent profile and click the ‘Connect with Me’ button.  

Your agent will not be notified when you connect with them on Contact them to let them know you are connected, and they will help you connect to other REcolorado tools like the REcolorado Client Portal!  

How do I disconnect with my agent? 

You can disconnect with your agent by visiting your agents’ profile and the third button will now read ‘Disconnect.’ You can also disconnect within your My REcolorado Account under the My Agent tab.  This agent will not be notified that you have disconnected with them on  

How do I update My REcolorado Account password? 

If you previously created a My REcolorado Account and you forgot your password, simply click ‘Forgot Password’ in the login pop-up. Enter the email address you used to create your account when prompted. You will receive a temporary password email from To change your temporary password, login to your My REcolorado Account with your temporary password and go to the ‘My Profile’ tab. At the bottom of the screen, you will enter your preferred new password under the ‘Update Your Password’ section.  

How can I modify my notifications? 

Saved Listing Notifications 

You can modify your notifications for your saved listings and your saved searches by visiting your My REcolorado Account. Under the ‘Saved Listings’ tab you will see your favorite listings, when you saved them, a email notifications toggle button, and options to unfavorite or contact your agent. To turn on notifications, click the toggle button in the Email Notifications column.  

Saved Searches Notifications  

Under the ‘Saved Searches’ tab, you will see the saved searches you created, the date you created them, an e-mail notification drop down and the option to delete the saved search. To modify your e-mail notifications, click the drop-down arrow and select your preferred e-mail frequency.  

How do I create Saved Searches? 

Begin by typing in a Colorado location. Once the map or list view appear, you can choose to add filters to narrow your search results even further. Once the results match your criteria and you’d like to save your search you will see a red ‘Save Search’ button at the right-hand corner of the map.  Once you click the red button a pop-up will appear asking you to name your search and to check If you would like to receive notifications for this search.  

Can I save properties to My REcolorado Account? 

Yes, you can!  When you find a listing you love and want to save the listing to your My REcolorado Account, you will first need to log in to your account. If not logged in, when you click the heart icon, you will be prompted to log in. After you click the heart icon, a pop-up will appear that asks you if you would like to also receive notifications for this listing. Respond with your preference. You can modify your notifications in your account at any time.  

Where do I go on to help me determine a budget? 

Use our Affordability Calculator to help determine how much house you can afford. It’s important to understand how a mortgage will impact your monthly and yearly budget and using the affordability calculator is a great place to start. Our Affordability Calculator will give you an affordability projection by factoring in your income, monthly debt, down payment amount, credit score and more. It also features a scale that shows home prices that are affordable, a stretch or aggressive based on your information.  

You can find other calculators on including a Rent vs. Buy Calculator and a Mortgage Calculator that can be found on every property page. Click a listing you would like to view and either click the ‘Mortgage Calculator’ text under the listing photos, or continue to scroll down the page.  

Do I need to have an agent to use REcolorado App? 

You do not need to be connected to an agent to use, the REcolorado App or to set up your My REcolorado Account. However, finding and connecting to an agent makes the homebuying and selling experience simpler! A real estate professional will help you navigate the rough waters that can be buying or selling your home. Connecting with a local expert means you have someone in your corner to help you determine a competitive list price, negotiate contracts, coordinate showings and more! Real estate agents are worth their weight in gold!  

Can I find rentals on 

Yes, in addition to finding your next home you an also find your next rental! There are multiple places on the homepage to search for rental listings.  

1 – Click the Rent button located at the top of the page in the homepage navigation. 

2 – Click the third option, Find a Rental Home, in the homepage search bar 

3 – Scroll down the homepage to the Renters section where you can use the Rent vs. Buy calculator, find rental listings and information on choosing the right rental.  

How do I find community and neighborhood information? 

Colorado is home to so many great communities and fun neighborhoods, so it can be hard to choose a place to live! On you can explore communities and neighborhoods under our Explore Colorado section to view popular places to live and get in-depth information on communities throughout Colorado.  Hover over the ‘Explore Colorado’ tab in the homepage navigation and choose to either explore Colorado or view popular places to live. You can also find the Explore Colorado section by scrolling the homepage 

Where can I find market trend resources on 

You can find many of our resources on the homepage of including our housing market trends! To find the Market Trends tab, scroll down the homepage until you see the four tabs that highlight Explore Colorado, We are the MLS, Market Trends and REcolorado App. Click the third option, Market Trends, to get an overview about the market trends REcolorado publishes each month. Click ‘Learn More’ to see all REcolorado MLS data or specific areas throughout Colorado!  

How do I stay in the know with 

The easiest way to receive updates on new features and enhancements to is to follow REcolorado on social media and to frequently visit the REcolorado Home Blog!