Where to Find Motivation for Spring Cleaning

Are you ready to think about spring cleaning? Tackling your home projects early in the spring can free up your time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors when spring weather is finally here to stay. But how do you take a chore and make it fun? Try these tips to get motivated for spring cleaning!

Look for Inspiration

Knowing where you want to end can help you start. Find ideas for your own home by looking at listing photos on REcolorado.com or Pinterest. You can see how luxury homes for sale are staged and incorporate those ideas into your own home! Even 10 minutes browsing pictures online can help you picture the end goal – a clean and tidy home.

If you’re looking for organization tips, watch an episode of Tidying Up… just don’t get so caught up in other people’s messes that you forget to tend to your own!

Involve the Family

The more people helping to tackle house chores, the faster you’ll finish your spring cleaning! Involve the whole family (even the dog) by divvying up the workload.

Turn cleaning into a game! Award points for different cleaning activities and see who can get the highest score in a certain time period. Or race the clock to see who can finish their list the fastest. Adding a simple game structure can make cleaning fun for the whole family.

Set a Deadline

Marking a date on the calendar can turn the ambiguous chore of house cleaning into a concrete task with a deadline. Plan a garage sale so you’re motiviated to sort through your pile of “Trash or Stash” in a timely manner.

Inviting friends over for a party is another good motivator to get the house spick-and-span. Or, if you’re thinking of selling your house this year, talking with a REALTOR® can help light the fire to get your home market ready. An open house can be effective motivation.

Whistle While you Work

Disney may have been on to something. Whether you prefer Snow White or Mary Poppins, the advice is the same. A spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down.

This idea, also known as temptation bundling, means pairing a less desirable activity (like spring cleaning) with something you truly enjoy (your favorite podcast, audiobook, or a new album). Pop in your headphones to help the tasks fly by!

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