Easy and Chic Holiday DIY Ideas You’ll Love

Simple DIY projects can fill your home with holiday spirit and chic holiday decor. Whether you have a loft, cabin, new construction home, Denver Square, bungalow, mid-century modern, or rental, you can add chic touches of holiday decor that are one of a kind.

Do-It-Yourself projects are a good excuse to invite friends and family over, too. Pinterest has literally thousands of ideas for inspiration! Here are a few of our favorites:

holiday decor garland ornament

DIY Garland

Dress up the mantel with do-it-yourself garland! Simply hang ornaments from a string for simple and festive decor. You can also display greeting cards by hanging with clothespins. Extra glass ornaments? Create garland by stringing together glass ornaments or hanging from pine garland over the fireplace.

holiday decor gifts red color scheme

Choose a Color Scheme

Sticking to a color scheme can help your home decor look unified during the holiday season. Traditional holiday colors include red, green, gold, and blue. Don’t be afraid to pick an unusual color scheme – check out this black, white, and gold decor. Its elegance will ease into New Year’s celebrations as well.

holiday decor pine cones berries

Natural Decor

Colorado offers a bounty of beautiful decor during the winter. Simply bring the outside in! Found pine boughs, pine cones, and berries add that rustic, organic touch. Create a garland, fill vases, or arrange on the mantel or tabletops for simple, natural decor.

DIY Christmas Tree branches ornaments

Create a Tree

Place a 2D tree on a blank wall. You can easily create one yourself using removable wallpaper and layering cut out tree shapes. String lights by tacking or taping to the wall. You can also create a tree out of branches and string, like the photo to the left! Hang lights, ornaments, or cards for a festive display. This can be especially helpful for small rooms that can’t accommodate a full tree.

frame holiday card home decor

Display Greeting Cards

Incorporate holiday greeting cards into your home decor! Build a DIY display for your greeting cards, like garland or tree above. Or collect frames from your home or buy some from a secondhand store. Frame saved holiday greeting cards and group on side tables, mantels, and in powder rooms.

Personalizing your holiday décor will not only bring you good cheer, but you’ll also create wonderful memories with friends and family!