The Bradley House: One of Denver’s Most Haunted Houses

Denver’s colorful past includes rumors of ghosts walking among us, and the list of ghost sightings varies.

Wallace Hrdlicka, General Contractor and owner of Desert Design Builders, recalls:

The Bradley House, originally called the Gano-Downs home, was the first time I started to believe that there just might be ghosts after all.

The house was infamous for being haunted,  but it’s beautiful and unique German Tudor style didn’t stop my clients from purchasing it and wanting to do extensive renovations.

In high school, I had read Dr. Bradley’s book, Psychic Phenomena: Revelations and Experiences, and one of his sons told us tales of the dining room table bursting into flames, but we didn’t believe it. But many of the things Dr. Bradley reported during his restoration happened with our projects: lights seeming to surge and flicker on their own; the great hall chandelier, which weighed at least two hundred pounds, swinging by itself; wallpaper that would be pasted during the day, and found peeled down to the floor the next day until another pattern was selected; cold spots; objects moved. . . I was afraid to go into the attic alone for the longest time.  We’d have doors slam and things that went bump in the night, too.

The home’s many owners don’t seem to stay long; one owner installed floor to ceiling security gates at the Master Bedroom entrance that locked. Cherry Hills police received alarm calls and find the house lit up with elegantly dressed men and women partying, while the owners were out of town.  Upon closer inspection, the revelers vanished in to thin air.”

Colorado Haunted Houses

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Originally published October 25, 2016 — Updated October 17, 2019