Colorado’s Quirkiest Home Features

Secret Rooms, Staircases to Nowhere, False Bookshelves: Colorado’s Quirkiest Home Features

Colorado is home to all sorts of quirky homes. The spaceship house on Genesee Mountain. The penthouse that sits above the Pepsi Center. All of the haunted houses in old mining towns. We see these homes on our scenic drives, and they’re usually iconic in nature.

But what about the eclectic and quirky homes features we don’t get to see? We have access to 18,000 local brokers and REALTORS® throughout Colorado, so we decided to ask them: In all your professional experience, what is the quirkiest home feature (false bookshelves, in-home breweries, etc.) you’ve ever seen? We received some very interesting responses!

A complex maze of remodels and additions

“Picture a tri-level where the family room is at garden level. Now add a 2-story addition, all above grade. You could walk into the addition on ground level, then bend down to floor level, and jump through the removed window down into the garden level family room. I can’t even begin to describe what they did to the upstairs! And don’t get me started on the spaceship design 2nd addition!”

Serena Billmayer   

Your Castle Real Estate


Fall Out Shelters from the Cold War

“A home in Arvada had a fall out shelter from the 1950’s. The builder was an Air Force Major who thought back in the 50’s this would be the next up and coming thing.”

Bill Mathisen

Mathisen Real Estate 


Two-way Mirrors

“The home my wife and I bought has a two-way mirror that looks into the basement bedroom. That bedroom not only is double insulated with fiberglass, but it also has Styrofoam insulation as well. It is a storage room for us now, and we have no idea why it was finished that way…”

Matt McKay

Home Buyers Marketing II


Marijuana Grow House

 “With the recent legalization of marijuana, I would say that a basement grow house has been at the top of the list. The detached residential unit did not disclose this feature, either. However, it was evident with the steel door at the bottom of the stairs, a sink with a water filtration system, air ventilation to the crawl space and the security cameras that we waved to as we left.  Convincing a buyer that all of that could be removed didn’t diminish the idea that they would ‘live in the pot house.’”

Andrea Lard

Portico Property Consultants, LLC


Whips and Chains

“I’ve seen plenty of secret rooms and even have fun pointing them out to clients. But there was one house up in Longmont with a secret room and inside we found mattresses, dirty sheets and a whip and chain. After that, I was a little more cautious showing ‘secret rooms’ to buyers.”

Bob Gordon

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices


I think it’s safe to say those are some pretty strange home features! Thank you to all our brokers that responded to our request for “weird home” stories. If you’re considering selling your home or buying a new one, we encourage you to contact one of these experienced professionals to ensure you’ll be in good hands. If you like what you read, check back often and Like us on Facebook, so you can always stay ahead of curve with expert, timely insights to help you buy or sell your home.