Choose a REALTOR®: The Local Expert

REALTORS® are local experts. Because they live and work in Colorado neighborhoods, they have insider information that can help home buyers and sellers looking to move to that area. Their knowledge about the neighborhoods, schools, services, and culture, on top of real estate experience, make them incredibly valuable.

Unique Locations

Your real estate agent offers local expertise that comes from living and working in the area. Not all neighborhoods are created equal. There may be different factors you need to consider when buying a home in different locations. For example, someone looking at a home in the mountains may be more concerned with water rights and irrigation, while someone looking at a downtown loft needs to know about Home Owners Association fees.

A local REALTOR® can help you understand factors specific to the location, including those you might not have considered, to ensure you find a home that fits your lifestyle.

“I referred my mother-in-law’s home to a broker in Denver because I live in the mountains and didn’t think that I could service the listing properly and didn’t know the market as well as the Denver broker did. I researched agents in the area my buyer was moving to and reached out. I wanted to find someone to take care of my client.”

Scott Burke
Wisdom Real Estate

Local Housing Market Statistics

Each month, REcolorado produces a Market Watch report to highlight trends in the housing market across the Greater Denver Metro Area. Your real estate agent can provide even more in-depth information about the housing market, down to the city, zip code, or neighborhood you’re interested in.

“It takes a lot of research and number crunching, but clients are really impressed when you can give them exact numbers for any given neighborhood they’re interested in.”

Raechel Taylor
Colorado Safari Properties

Not all neighborhoods follow national or statewide trends. Highly desirable or unique areas may see higher demand than other homes in the same city. Likewise, homes in different price ranges experience the market differently. Luxury homes can spend more time on the market until the right buyer comes along.

That is why it is important to find a REALTOR who understands your situation. Your local real estate agent can help you navigate the many factors that affect homes in a neighborhood where you want to live.

Broker Networks

REALTORS also understand the importance of local expertise and commonly make referrals to other agents. First and foremost, an agent’s goal is to serve their client. In some cases, that might mean recommending another agent who will better fit their needs.

“I have given several referrals outside of my local expertise. I feel that handing them off to someone that was better connected to their area of interest showed that I am a true professional and, as a professional, I understand that their best interests were served by finding the most qualified person to help. This builds trust and confidence with the public.”

Andrea Lard

REcolorado is the largest broker-to-broker network in the state. Home buyers and sellers can easily connect with a local real estate agent on

Finding an experienced local agent is important for a smooth home buying and selling experience. Not only can a local REALTOR help with the real estate transaction, but they can also provide local expertise and advice. Learn more about how to find the right real estate agent for you.