Carpeted Bathroom Anyone?

Are carpeted bathrooms more common than we think? Believe it or not, yes, they are!

Many older homes have bathrooms that are carpeted. They were once thought of as a good idea due to their insulation against the cold, making getting out of the shower less jarring. However, critics these days cannot believe their eyes when they see carpet in a bathroom, due to the thought of bacteria sticking to the carpet.

What do people really think about carpeted bathrooms? Here are a few statements from individuals who commented on the Reddit post:

Wet Feet

“No rug by the shower so they’re just using the carpet to wipe off wet feet?”

Not a Bad Idea

“For a careful person who never has guests over, carpet in a toilet room might not be a bad idea…but nothing you can really do to prevent shower moisture.”


“Soggy would be the best way to describe that bathroom,” “I’d even say it was perpetually moist.”


“We lived in a house with a carpeted bathroom and cleaning the carpets was a constant challenge.”

Most users are skeptical when thinking of a carpeted bathroom, but if you keep the area clean and as moisture-free as possible it won’t be as bad as some think.