Ask Colorado REALTORS: Buying a Mountain Home

There are many things to consider when purchasing a vacation home, especially in the Colorado Rockies. There are obvious benefits of a mountain home, like being near outdoor activities, but there are other considerations that might not come to mind. For example, finding a property that is close to the local ski resort may seem like the number one priority, but does it also have running water?

That’s where an experienced Colorado REALTOR comes in. Real estate agents have local knowledge and expertise in the area they serve. A local real estate agent also can help you understand unique considerations of buying a mountain home, from the best neighborhoods to hidden gems, utilities to recreation.

We asked Colorado real estate professionals to share advice for homebuyers considering buying a mountain home. Here’s what they said:

Accessibility and Utilities

Accessibility and utilities. For example, who snow blows the road to your house? Is there a septic tank? How is it serviced? What backup do you have if gas and electric goes out in your home? These can all be hidden issues and expenses if you don’t ask the right questions.

Christina Freyer Walker

Colorado & Company Real Estate

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Near Recreation

Location in relation to the activities that are drawing you to the mountains. If you are going to have guests…is the unit large enough to accommodate visitors?

Kristen Winkler

Compass – Denver

Prioritize Location

Location Location Location! Depending on what the buyer is looking for, proximity to ski areas, lakes, main road access, etc. Is very important. Another major consideration is the HOA. Mountain properties can have very high

monthly HOA fees that must be taken into consideration.

Kristen Diebel

The Real Estate Brokers of Colorado

Access & Hidden Costs

1. Access to water is obviously a must. Is there a well or public water?

2. The condition of the roads (paved or not) is an important consideration as well as who clears the roads of snow.

3. HOAs are always a consideration for a homebuyer but if you are purchasing in the mountains and expect to be able to do anything you want to with your property, you may be unpleasantly surprised.

Katie Coleman

Katie Sells Castles

If you’re thinking about buying a Colorado mountain home, first contact a local, experienced REALTOR. Your real estate agent can provide valuable insight and guidance about the local housing market. They can also help you ask the right questions before you purchase a mountain home, so you have confidence in your purchase decision.

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Originally published July 29, 2016 —  Updated March 2021