Bring Coziness Home with Hygge

Harsh and snowy winters often lead us to retreat into our homes for much of the season. In a place where we find ourselves spending the majority of our time, we want to make sure it’s comfortable.

That’s where hygge comes into play. Hygge is a lifestyle and decor trend based on the Scandinavian way of life, where you emphasize comfort and coziness to be your happiest self.

If you find yourself doubting the ideology behind hygge, look no further than the UN’s annual World Happiness Report. Nordic countries whose people incorporate hygge into their lifestyle are repeatedly ranked as the happiest countries in the world, despite their severe winters.

Taking a page out of these countries’ playbook, here’s how you can bring coziness and happiness into your home with hygge.

Look to Your Decor

What you use to decorate your home says a lot about you and your personality. Believe it or not, your home’s decor should be seasonal; you have different needs depending on the outside temperatures. What use will a heated blanket be in the warmth of summer?

Hygge is great to include in your winter home decor since it focuses so much on comfort and coziness. Incorporate some Colorado winter decor to keep things local and in line with the climate you’re experiencing. Putting some aspen logs in your fireplace or hanging antique skis on your walls can make a huge difference in bringing some personality to your space and making the house feel like your Colorado home.

Update Your Seating

No one is going to find a worn-out couch comfortable. If you notice the cushions are sagging or you can feel the frame of the sofa when you sit down, it’s time for a replacement.

This is your chance to add both comfort and a feeling of sophistication to your space with a new leather or quality fabric sofa. Having this new place to sit will ensure you and your guests are comfortable for years to come. Plus, you’ll be avoiding any future discomfort and back pain from your old worn-out couch.

Surround Yourself With Happiness

Happiness, and what makes you happy, is dependent on personal preference. For most people, looking back on good memories from your past can bring joy to your current life as well.

With this in mind, surround yourself with some of your happiest and favorite memories. Like that once in a lifetime trip you took during college, the family vacation you’ll always remember, or the special day you celebrated with someone you love. All of these moments can be displayed proudly in your home with a gallery wall that you can look to for an extra boost of happiness. 

Control the Lighting

Setting a cozy feeling in your home is largely dependent on the lighting. Bright fluorescent lights can be harsh and uncomfortable on your eyes, making it extremely difficult to feel comfortable and relaxed. Instead, try to implement as much natural and soft lighting into your space as you can.

For example, open your curtains during the day and let the sunlight in to be your primary source of lighting. However, this can also be difficult during the winter months. On days where the sun isn’t shining enough to brighten your space, try using light bulbs that emit a soft and warm light to mimic the sun. You can also install dimmable light switches for more control over how much artificial light you need to use at any given time. 

Add Small Elements

Including smaller cozy elements into your home’s decor can truly make a huge impact and statement. Attention to detail is something that does wonders for the comfort of your space.

You can drape a crochet blanket over the back of your sofa for a homey feel. Then, you can pair that with some new decorative faux fur throw pillows for both an element of style and coziness. Even something as simple as including a potted plant on your coffee table can elevate your home’s hygge feeling and bring peak coziness.