Assessing the Benefits of a Deck Remodel Before Selling your Home

Getting ready to sell a home involves a lot of prep work, and in some cases, maintenance and remodeling tasks are necessary.

One upgrade that you might be considering is a deck remodel, especially if there are areas where wood has rotted out, or if you simply want to give your backyard that extra flair for attracting buyers. Before you sink a fortune into a deck or patio remodel, consider these factors and see if you should invest in one of these backyard options.

Consider cost-effective alternatives

Patio design is like any other home upgrade; it comes at various price points. Sure, you could go for a patio with a top-of-the-line grill, overhead lighting, built-in seating, and a sound system. Or, you could install a simple wood patio or paved patio, and let your future buyer “deck” it out to become the entertainment hub of their dreams. If you are upgrading the backyard to sell, then the point is to create a space that is ready to be transformed. Don’t go crazy on a patio that you aren’t going to enjoy yourself.

Update instead of remodel

Depending on the state of your current patio, an update may do the trick instead of a full remodel. There are a few options that you can try before sinking money into a complete remodel. Power washing can do wonders, as can resealing the current patio or replacing planks in areas that have become rotten or worn away by the elements. Hire a professional to assess what type of upgrade is needed, so you are truly adding a patio that can increase home value. Talk to your real estate agent about trends they are seeing among Colorado buyers. An experienced real estate professional can also connect you with local contractors.

Size matters

If you are ripping out an old patio and replacing it with a new one, you might be tempted to make it bigger than what you had before, but that’s not always a wise idea. You want to keep your patio proportions in line with the rest of your house. The rule of thirds is a good one to follow. Divide your backyard space, so you have 1/3 landscaping/buffer, 1/3 grassy area for the kids and dogs to run and play, and 1/3 patio. Any more than that, and your patio may be taking over your backyard, which a potential buyer may not appreciate. 

Keep it in style

Your new patio should look like an original part of your house, rather than an afterthought that sticks out like a sore thumb. That means you need to keep your patio in line with the era and design of your home. Some possible options are brick pavers for colonial homes, stone pavers for Victorians, concrete pavers for contemporary-style homes, and poured or stamped concrete for Craftsmans. Wood decks can work for many homes, but not always. If your home is brick, you might use concrete or stone that complements or mimics the colors in the brick. If you have a rough-textured brick, then pick a concrete texture or paver that has a smooth finish to create contrast. 

No matter what style you choose, if you are revamping your house to sell, you don’t want to spend a fortune, but a deck or patio might be the way to go to entice the right buyer.

Liz Shamaria – Globally-focused journalist and content strategist. Milan, Italy | San Francisco, USA