April is Fair Housing Month

National Fair Housing Month celebrates the passage of the Fair Housing Act in April 1968 and prohibits discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, color, religion, gender, and national origin. At REcolorado, we believe in the importance of fair housing and that everyone should have equal opportunity when it comes to purchasing a home. This month, we affirm our commitment to ensuring Coloradans are protected from housing discrimination and we aim to promote equal access to affordable housing for all.

REcolorado works hard to ensure a healthy and efficient real estate marketplace in Colorado. Sellers who work with an agent that lists their home in the MLS know their property will be placed in front of nearly every real estate professional currently working with active buyers. Buyers know they will always have access to the most current, reliable information and pictures of available properties. Need to connect with a local real estate agent? When you use REcolorado.com the listing agent or your agent are the only agents shown with a property so you’ll know you’re talking to someone who can help you.

Who is REcolorado?

We’re Colorado’s largest multiple listing service (MLS). We’re vital not just to real estate agents but also to homebuyers, sellers, and renters! The home buying and selling process begins with us because we are the primary source for all listings. So naturally, when you’re ready to buy or sell your home, you should first start with REcolorado. In addition to being the source for accurate listing data, our tools and resources can be used with your agent throughout the home buying and selling process. 

What’s an MLS?

An MLS is a database of property listings entered directly by real estate agents. It acts primarily as a platform to buy and sell real estate properties. When a property is put on the market for sale or rent, it is first added to the REcolorado. From there the property is continuously tracked through the entire sales transaction. This information provides a real-time database so that you can know exactly when a property is available to rent or buy, when a property sells, and the accepted purchase price.

Want more information about REcolorado? Ask your agent and make sure you are using REcolorado.