5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

The holiday season is upon us, and for most, it’s a time to celebrate with friends and family. While that means getting to spend time with loved ones, it also means added stress if you are the host. A little preparation goes a long way, so take some time to get your home ready for hosting duties so you can relax and enjoy this holiday season! Here are some useful tips to prepare your Colorado home for Thanksgiving:

Clean and Declutter

Clean out your refrigerator and wipe down the shelves and walls with a mix of half vinegar and water. This will get your kitchen ready and given you more room for all those tasty leftovers.

Prep the rest of your home with these creative decluttering tips. Now is the time to get rid of items you really don’t use or don’t need and donate them. Studies show less clutter lowers blood pressure!

Take Care of Repairs

Statistically, sales at this time of year increase for cleaning services and furniture repair. If you can save yourself time and stress, hire a reputable cleaning service to get your home in shape for guests and visitors. Make minor repairs, like tightening wobbly chair legs so your guests don’t take a tumble.

Prep Guest Rooms

Flip guest bed mattresses, air out linens, and have fresh sheets and towels out for your guests. In guest bathrooms, make sure soap dispensers are filled and bath accessories are replaced as needed. Try COSTCO or Target for great bargains on quality sheets and towels – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to treat your guests.

Clear out closet space for guests to use. This time of year, guests usually arrive with bulky coats and lots of layers. Make sure your coat closet can accommodate or designate a separate area to act as coat storage.

Set the Table

Pull out the dishes, serving pieces, and utensils you use this time of year. Some sets of dishes are saved for special occasions, like holidays, so take them out of storage and dust off or wash as needed. Make sure your tableware is in good shape in advance so you don’t have to scramble when you’re ready to serve your meal.  You can even set your table early as part of your fall decor.

The Host with the Most

Save yourself time by doing as much prep work as possible before your guests arrive. Prepare any food or snacks you can ahead of time and freeze them. Make a grocery run prior to the arrival of guests, and have plenty of beverages on hand so you don’t run out. Serving holiday cocktails punch-bowl style can add festivity while letting you mix and mingle instead of serving guests one-at-a-time all night.

Wishing you a very warm and happy holiday season from all of us at REcolorado!