5 Types of Garage Doors To Consider

With the abundance of garage door designs, it is important to make sure whatever you choose fits the home you have and upholds your lifestyle. Before any door installation, visualize your ideal garage and be sure look at all your options before making an informed decision on the style and material you want for your garage door.

There are various garage door designs to choose from, with the most popular being made out of glass, wood, and steel. These doors are designed to cater to the requirement of the individual and complement any architectural style. Derek Edison describes various garage door designs below to help you make the best decision for your home.

Steel Rolled-Up Garage Doors

A steel rolled-up garage door is quite popular among many due to its durability. It’s made of sturdy materials and is very strong which will ensure it lasts for a while. While installing, the steel door fixes above the door opening. Because of its low maintenance cost and long-lasting durability, these doors are highly favored and preferred among many homeowners. They require minimal painting, cleaning, and polishing. Moreover, the aesthetically pleasing look attracts many homeowners and helps compliment the house well.

Steel Roll Up Door

Aluminum Sliding Garage Doors

Aluminum sliding garage doors go really well with modern designed homes. They assist in making the house exterior sleek and trendy. Their glossy and attractive finish also keep your garage looking bright and inviting. These doors come in handy where there is less head space. Additionally, you can add colored glass to compliment the modern style and structure of the home instead of using a regular aluminum door.

Aluminum Sliding Door

Wooden Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Wooden side-hinged garage doors are an old-school yet timeless design. These garage doors offer a unique look, while also being durable and reliable. If the head-space is restricted in your home, this garage door comes in handy. The entire door positions with the aid of a steel frame. These timeless doors with their unfinished look compliment any house with space restrictions well.  

Wooden Side Hinged Garage Door

Glass Canopy Tilted-up Garage Doors

Glass Canopy Tilted-up Garage Doors are aesthetically sound and can act as an alternative to wood and steel. The door is built with glass sitting on a steel or aluminum frame. They require very minimal upkeep and give your home a nice modern look while allowing for various customization’s to fit your taste.  These garage doors come as one whole piece and the patterned door is positioned parallel to the garage ceiling.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage door designs support manual and automatic options. Using hinges and wheels attached to the panel edges, the door panels roll inside on a vertical track when the door opens. If it gets stuck owing to technical failure, contact a garage door repair service to quickly get it fixed. 


A major factor in  deciding what garage door to install is the width of the area, as well as the type of garage door, and the kind of installation you are willing to undertake. This article shared five types of garage doors to help you choose the right garage door to fit your home.

Author’s Bio

Derek Edison is an Interior Decorator and a passionate writer who loves to write about creating an aesthetic and ambient living environment for everyone. Currently, he’s working with Elitetech Garage Door Repair Services.