23 May

Summer 2017 Home Design Trends

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Three Home Design Trends Colorado Homeowners Need to Know this Summer

From spring cleaning to patio furniture, homeowners across Colorado are preparing their homes for summer! Before you tackle your next home improvement project, consider these current home design trends. 

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13 Dec

Light Up Your Holidays With These Simple Tips

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There’s nothing more cheerful and holiday spirit lifting than holiday lights!   Neighborhoods have competitions; movies are made; newspapers publish the best light shows in town to drive by. 

Here are some tips and tricks for your holiday lighting projects:

1. Consider in advance accessibility to electrical outlets or where you’ll have to run exterior power cords safely.  

2. Consult the weather forecast, and pick a nice weekend in October or November so you aren’t on icy ladders or rooftops.

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08 Dec

Try These Tricks to Make Your Home Warm and Cozy

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When the temperatures drop, snowflakes start flying, and daylight hours shorten, more of us spend indoor time in front of a blazing fire and curled up on the couch with a good book, movie, or football game on tv.  

It’s easy to warm up your space without turning up the furnace

- The senses equate warmth with the smell of pine, freshly baked cookies or bread

- Pad your feet – place rugs on top of rugs or carpet

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04 Nov

Fun Fall Decor Ideas for Your Colorado Home

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If you’re like most Coloradans,  Fall is a time of year we relish:  crisp, blue skies, endless seas of gold, red and orange; trips to the mountains to bask in the splendor of changing aspens and bugling elk; cheering on our football teams and pulling out cozy sweaters, down vests to wear with our flip flips and shorts.  It’s one of the most favorite times of the year to us, but then so is Winter, Spring and Summer.  It’s Colorado, right? 

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