Why Your Sofa Doesn’t Just Need to Be in the Living Room

The sofa is a staple in the living room. When you think about decorating this part of your house, you automatically think about shopping for the best sofa, what material to choose, the size, design, and where to put it. 

However, some of us want to take the unconventional route. We may not only want to put the sofa in the living room but other areas in the house as well, but, just don’t know how to do it. Here are some tips for styling your sofa in other rooms in your home.

1. Bedroom

A sofa in the bedroom is comfort taken to the next level. It serves as additional seating in case you want other people hanging out here like your kids. The best area to place it will depend on how you use the bedroom. If it’s positioned to face the bed, it creates a conversation area for both the person on the bed and the couch.

Alternatively, you can put it by the window to serve as a nap area or a reading nook. If you plan to place the couch along the wall facing the foot of the bed, you can opt to use coordinated upholstery to create some cohesion in the room. That way, the bed is not the only focal point, but the couch as well. 

2. Hallway

The hallway is the last place you expect to sit, but this is another ideal area to put a sofa. If you have extra seating from your sectional in the living room, use it in the hallway. The great thing about it is that you can add a sectional sofa to any room, and it would still fit due to its versatile size. 

Place it facing a display of photos, so guests have somewhere to sit while appreciating the mementos or situate it near the bathroom, so other members of the house have an area to lounge while the shower is in use.

3. Patio

Another excellent area to put a sofa in is the patio. It’s perfect for spending those idle afternoons outdoors. Just like the living room, you want the ambiance here to be relaxing, so make sure your sofa is ultra-comfy. Have a table nearby where you can place snacks and drinks or a good book. And don’t be afraid to add plants that thrive in outdoor light. There’s nothing like having the beautiful outdoors just a few steps from your home entrance.

4. Kid’s Room

If you have enough space in your house to have a kid’s room, then you should have a sofa here too. It’s an ideal area where you can do bonding activities with the kids, such as reading together, watching shows, playing. When choosing a sofa for this room, you want the seating to be just low enough for your child to safely prop themselves up as well as get down from it. This also serves as a tremendous spare sleeping area in case your kid has sleepovers.

5. Backyard

Similar to the patio, the backyard should have enough seating in it to accommodate the purpose you want it to serve. Will it just be for relaxing family evenings, or are you going to host parties once in a while? Whichever the case, a sofa is a staple item because you’ll want somewhere to sit while hanging out here. 

Get one made with durable material so it can withstand harsh outdoor weather. Some excellent materials for the frame include rattan, wicker, steel, iron, and PVC. And, for the upholstery, you want it in durable fabrics like linen, duck cloth, or vinyl.

Which of these tips did you find the most useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.