Questions To Ask Before Installing Flooring

Choose the best flooring for your house by thinking strategically about your options. Josh Alban helps you find the answer with a few key questions.

So you want to get into the house-flipping business — where to begin? We can’t possibly tell you everything you need to know about flipping houses in one little blog post, so let’s focus on one part: flooring.

Like any part of a house flip, flooring is a balance between how much you spend and how much you expect to get back. On the one hand, flooring is a big part of the house — prospective buyers will definitely notice it when you show the property, so you want to make sure it looks good. On the other hand, you can’t know everyone’s individual taste. You might spend a few thousand dollars to refinish a room only to find that new buyers don’t like that color.

Before you make a decision on the flooring in your house flip, there are a few questions you should ask yourself about the home itself and your goals for it.

What’s The Neighborhood Like?

There’s a phrase in real estate: “too much house for the neighborhood.” In short, that means that it’s possible to make a house too nice. If the quality of the house is vastly above and beyond the quality of other houses around it, you might not get the kind of value you’re seeking. Take note of the average house price in the area to set your target value. For help with this, work with a local REALTOR® who knows the neighborhood. Your real estate agent can provide in-depth analysis to help you price your home for sale.

What’s Your Budget?

You want to make the house look great so that you can resell it for the best price — but the more you spend, the lower your return on your investment will be. While it’s true that flooring might be a greater portion of your budget, you need to make sure you have the means to refit the whole house. Plan out your major expenditures before you start.

Which Rooms Need It The Most?

Flipping a house doesn’t mean replacing every single thing in it, and flooring can be a pretty big expense. Look up prices per square foot on various flooring options, then divide the house up room by room — some flooring might need refinishing, some might need replacing, and some might get by with a good cleaning. When in doubt, ask your real estate agent for advice about which DIY projects can add value to your home for sale.

Choosing the right flooring can be a balancing act. By asking yourself questions to help you think strategically about your options, paired with advice from a knowledgable real estate agent, you can feel confident in your flooring decision. 

Josh Alban is the manager of Sloane’s Carpet Secret. Josh spent 15+ years in Silicon Valley working in technology and aerospace companies, but came back to Colorado to work with his family and take Sloane’s to the next level. Josh’s family has been carpeting Colorado homes since the 1950’s – the family’s first store was on West Colfax back when it was a dirt road!

The latest incarnation of Sloane’s has been open since 2005, providing deeply discounted luxury carpeting with slight imperfections.  Sloane’s prides itself on providing personalized customer service, and a no-pressure buying process for anyone remodeling a home or property. Sloane’s believes that getting the best carpet for your home should be a simple, satisfying experience that doesn’t break the bank.