How to Protect Yourself When Selling Your Home

Let’s face it — selling your home is an inherently risky business. Between interpreting contracts and avoiding scams or very real stranger danger, how can you protect yourself when selling your home?

Real estate agents keep you safe.

In fact, agents care about safety so much, they’ve dedicated the full month of September to promoting safety. During REALTOR® Safety Month, take a moment to appreciate the ways your agent works to protect you.

Stranger Danger!

You are inviting strangers into your house, usually while you’re still living there, and exposing all your personal belongings. An agent makes sure this is done as safely as possible by managing home showings and hosting safe open houses.

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Home Showings

Home showings are common practice as potential buyers tour your home for sale. Your agent uses safety tools and protocols to make sure your house is locked and safe before and after every showing. A licensed real estate agent should be present at all home showings to protect the home buyer and home seller. With lockboxes and showing services, your agent always knows who accessed your home and when they did.

Open Houses

Your agent can help you host a safe open house. By being present, greeting guests, keeping visitor logs, and enlisting trusted colleagues, they can keep a watchful eye as people visit your home during the open house. They can even offer advice to prepare for an open house, like safeguarding personal belongings.

Protect your Personal Information

Whether it’s the reason your selling, your financial situation, or other personal details, your real estate agent protects your information. Real estate professionals handle communication with other agents on behalf of the home buyer or seller they represent.

At the negotiating table, your agent helps you know which cards to play and which to keep close to your chest. Revealing the wrong information can weaken your position. Your agent’s experience means they know what to say and when to say it to make sure your personal information can’t be used against you.

Your agent also makes sure that any personal information exchanged during the transaction is done in a secure manner. Any signatures, agreements, and especially financial information should be exchanged safely, protected from hacks or data breaches.

Understanding Contracts

Home sale contracts are long, tedious documents stuffed with legalese and complicated language. Your real estate agent has seen many of these documents and combed through each with a fine-tooth comb. Years of real estate experience means they can decipher technical real estate contracts and protect your best interest. From the initial offer to signing at close, your agent makes sure you understand exactly what it says and what it means for you.

Avoid Scams

When danger lurks, your agent maintains a watchful eye. Moving scams, home repair scams, roofing scams, utility scams, and more are among the top scams in Colorado. Not only does your agent protect you during the transaction, but they also keep you safe through the many changes that come with buying or selling a home. Your real estate agent can recommend trusted local contractors, moving companies, and more — if you have a question about anything related to your home, ask an agent!

Your agent is committed to keeping you safe. They bring years of experience and a commitment to ethics, so you can leave the details to them with full confidence. If you’re considering buying or selling a home, protect yourself by working with an agent. Find a local real estate agent on

Originally published September 19, 2018, updated September 2021.