How to Prep Your Home for Holiday Guests

The holidays can be stressful, but if you’re guests are comfortable, happy and self-sufficient, you’ll have a lot more time to relax. Here’s a checklist you can use:

  • Safety check your home – you might know your house with the lights out, but guests don’t.  Make sure exterior and interior night lights work.
  • If you’re worried about clutter, and out of time, remove anything unnecessary or valuable, bag it up and store it in out-of-the-way closets, storage bins in the basement, etc.  Sort it out after your guests depart.
  • Have a spare key made for your guests.
  • Inspect all guest linens and refresh beds with clean linens.
  • Provide your guests with extra blankets and pillows.
  • If you’re offering an air mattress, test it first for leaks and make sure it’s clean.
  • Clear out space in a closet and provide plenty of empty hangars.
  • Have a spot for a suitcase to rest, or get a suitcase stand.
  • Keep a basket of sample toiletries handy – lotion, soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, extra hair dryer and extra toilet paper.
  • Leave each guest a stack of clean towels, hand towels and wash cloths in different colors so they know which one is theirs.
  • Leave magazines and books on the nightstand and things to do and see ideas.
  • Have plenty of snacks, beverages, fruit, coffee, tea, and water on hand.
  • Leave emergency numbers/important phone numbers.
  • Make sure any home instructions are discussed regarding pets, kids’ schedules, how to work the furnace, alarm system, etc.
  • If child proofing is needed, ask parents to bring gates or play pens.
  • If hosting seniors, remove items that might be trip hazards, like small rugs and clutter.

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