Open House Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Whether you’ve started your home search or are simply looking for design ideas, open houses are a great way to get a sense of the homes and neighborhoods in Colorado.

What Home Buyers Need to Know Before an Open House

Sellers open their homes for public viewing – but you are still entering another person’s home. Before you follow the balloons and signs to the nearest open house this weekend, keep these etiquette dos and don’ts in mind:

Do: Greet the agent!

The REALTOR® or real estate agent is your host during the open house. If he or she is busy, you may pick up a flyer or complete the sign-in sheet and start your tour.

Don’t: Ring the doorbell or knock.

The hosting real estate agent may not be able to answer the door if they are engaged in a conversation. During the open house, you are welcome to show yourself around the home.

Do: Check the hours of the open house.

Avoid the risk of entering someone’s home unexpected by verifying the date and hours of the open house before you walk through the front door.

Don’t: Take photos (without asking).

 Some sellers are comfortable with you taking photos of their house during an open house. Others still have personal belongings in the home. Respect their privacy, and always ask the real estate agent before taking photos or videos in the open house.

Do: Complete the sign-in sheet.

If the REALTOR® provided a sign-in sheet, add your relevant information. If you are not looking to purchase a home, let the agent know. If you already have an agent of your own, let the listing agent know that as well.

Don’t: Schedule an appointment without your agent.

Real estate agents are available to assist and protect your interests. If you already have a buyer’s agent, call them to schedule any further appointments.

Do: Respect the current homeowner’s privacy.

Even if you are interested in purchasing the home, it is still the seller’s property during the open house. Ask permission before you open closets, drawers, or cabinets.

Open houses are a great opportunity to learn more about a home and the neighborhoods in Denver. As you step inside, remember these open house etiquette tips and mind your manners! Search Open Houses on REcolorado today.

Originally published May 30, 2017 — Updated May 28, 2019.