Light Up Your Holidays With These Simple Tips

There’s nothing more cheerful and holiday spirit lifting than holiday lights! Neighborhoods have competitions; movies are made; newspapers publish the best light shows in town to drive by.

Here are some tips and tricks for your holiday lighting projects:

  1. Consider in advance accessibility to electrical outlets or where you’ll have to run exterior power cords safely.
  2. Consult the weather forecast, and pick a nice weekend in October or November so you aren’t on icy ladders or rooftops.
  3. TEST old lights AND new lights, to make sure they work before hanging and finding out after the fact.
  4. Plan your design to complement your exterior’s elevation, measure, and do a dry run, to make sure you have enough lights.
  5. There are great clips that attach to gutters, etc so you don’t damage to trim work with nails and staples.
  6. Don’t neglect your back yard – you’ll see the view better, anyway!
  7. Don’t have a yard?  String lights along your balcony if your HOA, condo or apartment management will allow it.

Terry Kimball, owner of Kimball Lighting, recommends LED lights for their energy efficiency – around 10% of old incandescent lights.  “They have become more affordable and come in many different lens styles and colors.  Putting some lights on a tree or some bushes outside your home will add some holiday sparkle to your home.  I like to use a timer so the lights automatically come on at dusk”.

While you may not want to go as far as the Griswold’s do in the movies, your holiday lights celebrate the season with cheer and goodwill that many enjoy!