How to Host a Holiday Party in a Small Home

Want to host a holiday party, but you live in a small home, apartment, condo or loft? Make the most of limited space for a festive party that is sure to please your guests. Check out these tips to celebrate with your friends in small spaces.

Rethink the coat closet.

If you don’t have enough room in the coat closet (or don’t have a coat closet at all), avoid having coats pile up on the furniture. Extra belongings will take up space and create clutter. Instead, offer to keep your guests’ coats, purses, and belongings in a separate room, like a bedroom or office.

Create open space.

Move and/or clear out furniture to open space up. An open house style keeps a flow of people coming and going so you’re never overcrowded. If your space has limited seating and counter space, get creative! Clear off a bookshelf for extra space to set drinks. Bring in benches or patio seats with cushions for additional seating.

signature drink wine glasses holiday party

Minimize serving space.

Serve food buffet-style. Trays and risers can help stagger the food so you can fit more dishes on one table. Offer a selection of finger food – bite sized appetizers can add variety and help reduce utensils and plates needed.

Make your mark.

Create a couple of signature drinks (holiday themed cocktails, eggnog, wine & beer, etc) vs. open bar. Serve your signature drinks in punch bowls or pitchers, rather than keeping a bar full of bottles stocked all night. If you’re low on refrigerator space, fill the kitchen sink or a bucket with ice for a makeshift cooler to keep bottled beverages cold.

string lights holiday decor small spaceDecorate with strategy.

When you are concerned about having enough space for food, decorations tend to lose out. But you don’t have to skip decor all together. Hang holiday lights from the ceiling or along the walls for festive lighting, or create chic and affordable tablescapes on your buffet.

Keep your cool.

Small spaces can heat up quickly, so keep temperatures low. Turn the thermostat down a few degrees to avoid overheating your space.

Check the weather.

If you have outdoor spaces, like a balcony, patio or even garage, consider cleaning and setting up clever décor for overflow. Colorado weather is unpredictable, but you may be able to host a comfortable outdoor event with the right planning. Try 5 ways to extend the use of your patio to ensure your outdoor space is comfortable in the cooler months.

Don’t let your small space keep you from entertaining friends and family – host a cozy holiday party by making the most of the space you do have. For more tips like these, follow REcolorado on Facebook.


Originally published December 15, 2016 — Updated December 12, 2017.