Best Home Renovation Ideas for 2021

The relationships we had with our living areas have drastically changed over the past year. As we continue to spend more time at home and even work from home it may be time to re-evaluate how we use our space. With tighter budgets and fewer resources, home renovation can still be done but two questions should be asked: What is needed at the moment and how much money can be allocated to each project? Here are some considerations.

1. Develop a Workstation at Home

Many people continue to work remotely without knowing when they will be returning to an office full-time. Therefore having a home office or a designated workstation has become very desirable with potential buyers. Especially since several businesses have made a conscious shift away from office work to a remote work hybrid model. Don’t have an extra room to designate as your home office? That’s okay! A workspace can be added to any underused area of your home. Think about turning a closet into a consolidated workspace. Also, desks have become more stylish and can be camouflaged much easier into your existing décor. Find a table you can use as a desk and some floating shelves and you can repurpose these items when the workweek is over.

2. Paint, Wallpaper, and Woodworking

Every room looks and feels new with a simple paint upgrade. Painting a room can be a fast fix to add your personal flair to any room in your home. However, if you are looking for a more dramatic change, consider wallpaper! Wallpaper has made a comeback. If you aren’t ready to make the commitment or you are still scarred from removing wallpaper in a previous house, you can purchase removable wallpaper. This way you can add trendy colors and patterns without having to worry about not appealing to future buyers. Adding trim work as a wall accent is also a fun way to personalize a room. Go traditional with chic board and batten or trendy with shiplap.  

3. Update the Kitchen

Kitchens have been the main selling feature in houses and apartments for a while but kitchens have become even more important to buyers due to increased use. The kitchen layout you put up with for years is now unbearable and it’s finally time to have a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. And it’s not just important to you, potential buyers not only look for appearance, but they will take into account the functionality or ‘flow’ of a kitchen as well. While renovating the kitchen you may want to add a pantry as well. The storage capability of a kitchen is paramount, everyone wants the kitchen to be able to store additional food these days.

4. Bathrooms

Another area that has seen a probable increase in use is the bathroom. Whether you are escaping from your children or looking to unwind after a long day of work, transforming your bathroom into your personal sanctuary may have moved higher up on the renovation list. Opt for interiors in the bathrooms that give priority to easy-to-clean surfaces and other antimicrobial fixtures but also give you a sense of calm. You will find that most of the 2021bathroom trends will include this without sacrificing the styling of the room. You could also update the not so fun fixtures within the bathroom like replacing pipes and your water heater for instance.