Home Quirks – Making the Most of an Odd Situation

Quirks and oddities in a home can make or break a homebuyer’s experience. They have the power to captivate the right buyer or act as a deterrent to someone who would have otherwise signed the deal. We asked our 18,000 members to describe a quirky home they put on the market and the advice they gave the sellers to make the most of the quirk. Here’s what they said.


1.A tiny home in Southwest Denver I once listed and could not overcome the negative comments about no space for a washer and dryer. The sellers bought a portable washer they put in the kitchen and used to hang their clothes on a line on the back enclosed porch. It really detracted from the otherwise cute house. I suggested they throw a really pretty table cloth over the washer when not in use and push it to a corner and place a big bowl of fruit on it- very decorative in the corner of the kitchen. They put a little shelf over it with hanging vines – so the corner looked like a little table or cabinet with a little curio shelf above it. No one knew it was the hiding place for the washer! Then in the enclosed porch, I suggested they tighten the line so it had no swag, hang decorative curtains on it and simply used it like a curtain to hide the exposed brick wall – like a wall hanging. The house sold 2 days later and the buyers said they were shocked to find the washer when they did their inspection- but thought it was a great idea!

Marti Furay

Lucero Real Estate



2.For a very high-end, yet small square footage, I recommended “Creating the Scene” for how living in a Studio Downtown would feel with limited space. We staged the home by making subtle separations between living and sleeping quarters using typical furniture used in everyday life.

Lenny Maiocco

RE/MAX Alliance on Walnut



3.Had a ranch that was filled with animals and was rather dirty. Had the owner move most of the animals out of the house, had her get property professionally cleaned, and suggested she keep non-floral air spray to use daily. Sold in 2 weeks!

Nancy F. Sharpe

Sharpe Associates, LLC,



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photo credit: www.seattle.curbed.com