Fix These 4 Things Before Listing Your House

With the summer season approaching, future home sellers across Colorado are preparing their homes for listing. As any broker will tell you, creating a great first impression during an open house will make all the difference in securing high quality offers.

So, we asked our network of more than 15,000 local brokers and Realtors for some expert advice on the topic: Which “Home DIY” projects add the most value to a home before listing it on the market? We scanned through the deluge of responses, and four important DIY projects seemed to keep popping up. Here’s what our experts had to say:

1. Fresh Paint 

“A fresh coat of paint freshens up any space in your home, and a neutral color will attract more buyers. It’s easy, cheap, and can be done in a day. Adding hardware to your kitchen and bath cabinets will give them a custom look and can be done in as little as an hour.”

Jenny Fitzjarrell

Brokers Guild – Cherry Creek Ltd


2. Landscaping and DIY Curb Appeal 

“Single Family Homes – Landscaping is a must! First impressions last, and it’s the first thing people notice walking in and the last thing they notice walking out. Bring the property life!”

Jonathon Papsin

Colorado and Company


3. Staging and Front Door

“So many people think that to put your home on the market you have to remodel your whole house. I think the most important thing to do to your home is have a stager come in and help you stage the home to present it in the best possible condition you can. Also, it is so important but look at your front door. Is it chipped and faded with cobwebs and leaves all around the entry area? If so clean it up so when people come to your front door the first time it will be neat, clean and welcoming. Then the most important thing is to price your home correctly. If it needs fixing up or remodeling but is in good shape price it accordingly. If it is totally remodeled and a new house, price it for that. There are a ton of remodel projects that you can do to increase the value of your home like redoing the kitchen or master bath. I would suggest you do those along the way while you are living in the home so you get to enjoy the beauty of your remodel.”

Nancy Sammons

Colorado Dream Homes


4. Clean and Declutter

“From my experience in the last 25+ years of showing homes and getting feedback from my buyers on each home, I would suggest for the seller to declutter their home so the buyer can view as much of the square footage as possible. Sellers should repair anything needed, touch up paint, update bathrooms and kitchen as much as possible and keep home clean and picked up.”

Denise Walker

Ed Kovitz & Associates 


Thank you to all our brokers that responded to our request for advice. If you’re considering selling your home this season (or in the coming seasons), we encourage you to contact one of these experienced professionals to help you secure high quality offers. Also, if you liked what you read today, become an insider and subscribe to our blog, so you can always stay ahead of curve with expert, timely insights to help you buy or sell your home. You won’t regret it!