Decluttering: How To Set Up Your Home For Quick Cleaning

Ideally, when you’re moving into your home, you have the time and resources to purchase the best-fitting furnishings that will optimize your home.

However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes there are time or budget restrictions that may corner you into using only the furniture you already own, or you don’t have enough time to think about the set up before you get unpacked and on with your day-to-day. Perhaps at one point, your home did have the ideal set up, but time and being a lived-in house has left it needing a little love. Here are some tips to help you get your home decluttered and set up so that you can have it clean on a moment’s notice!

A Clutter Walk-Through

If you want to make meaningful changes to your home and not just go through and clean, which we know is but a temporary solution, then you’ll need to walk around and take note of your situation. Be mindful of problem areas where you find things piling up.

  • Are these items piled up in the spot out of convenience or because they don’t have a proper home?
  • What things do you see left out or in the wrong place? Is it because wherever it belongs is hard to access or filled with other things making it hard to put it back?

Taking the time to see where mess gathers naturally in your house helps you to tackle the most prominent problems in your home’s current functioning.

Storage Spaces

Whether the problem is a lack of storage space or under-utilized storage space, this is likely the culprit for your home’s mess. Make sure the area is being optimized by how it is organized, being used, and what you need in the storage space. If these areas aren’t easy to access or are overstuffed, it becomes hard even to find your things.

Consider using different methods of organizing to be sure you’re optimizing your space. Cabinets can be prime suspects where the tupperware or other items are just getting tossed in without any rhyme or reason. If you were to establish a better system for storing them, there would be more space for other items that get left out and cause clutter. Find storage solutions for your entire home to help make the most of your space!

Reducing Your Things

In many instances, part of the reason houses can get messy is because we have so many things. A great way to ensure your house can be cleaned up quickly is by taking stock of all of your possessions.

Be sure to check areas where it’s easy for things to gather, like junk drawers, filing cabinets, closets, and bedrooms. While you’re clearing out these spaces, you can avoid creating too much waste by separating items that can be donated rather than just thrown away. Look for organizations that take toy donations, so they can prevent filling our landfills. You can also donate lightly used household items that otherwise might be hard to dispose.

Another great idea is to try a closet clean-out service where you can quickly sell your used clothing to let someone else get use of your perfectly good clothing that you no longer wish to keep. By parting ways with some of these things that you just aren’t using anymore, you are opening up valuable space that can be used to put some of those alternative storage solutions in place.