Is Counter Offering Worth It?

The counter offer. In real estate, it’s used to accept some – or most – of the other party’s terms, while modifying others. It’s a common practice, but is it risky? We asked our network of over 19,000 real estate professionals if they advise their clients to counter offer. And, If so, under what conditions? Here’s what they said.

When representing sellers, I always sit down and go over what components would make up their “perfect” offer. These components could range from price to closing date to having a rent-back. We also discuss what would be an “acceptable” offer. When we receive an offer that doesn’t align with the perfect offer components, we present a counter offer to try to get as close to their perfect contract as possible. If the buyers decline, we evaluate how close the offer is to their acceptable offer requirements and take it from there. Real estate is all about negotiation!

Andrea Price-Valenzuela

Price & Co.


Negotiation is a BIG part of what I bring to the table. I’ll counter any offer, any time, if my client or I feel it is in their best interests.

Bob Gordon

Berkshire Hathaway HomeService


Yes. I believe two reasonable parties can come to an agreement if good faith is shown in moving toward an amiable solution. Also, responding in a timely fashion shows respect and gratitude.

Tasya Williamson

Keller Williams


Typically, unless we get a full price offer, then yes.

Steve Thayer

Keller Williams Action Realty, LLC


If the offer is anything less than the asking price.

Marilyn Johnson

Keller William Preferred Realty