7 Steps To Bring Organization To Your Home

As we all practice social distancing and self-isolation, you may experience idleness at home. You might like passing the time by cleaning the house, but when you’re stir-crazy, it’s hard to know where to start.

While we have no control over external circumstances, we do have control over keeping our homes free of clutter. Here are seven simple steps to take when tackling the clutter.

Identify Where Cleaning Is Most Needed

“Survey each room in your home,” says Victoria Tunbridge, a content writer at Australianhelp and Paperfellows. “Jot down the problem areas in a notebook, and what items are in them. For example, you might see clothes piling up in one room, or very little wiggle room in another.”

Know What Constitutes As “Clutter”

First, know what counts as clutter. In this case, clutter is anything that serves no purpose in the home. Create a list of necessities, and then see what things you haven’t touched in a while (or years). If you have a storage area, the less-desirable things go in there.

Think Of A “Home Office”

Now is the time to get creative with your workspace! In most cases, your dining table can suffice as a convenient workspace for a computer, notebooks, etc. No need to go out and buy anything, if you use your dining table to work. Or, you can transform one room in your home into an office.

Make A List Of Solutions

When you have multiple rooms to clean out, brainstorm ideas on how to address each problem, or categorize them into groups (if similar issues arise).

Or, if you live with family, hold a meeting to see which person is in charge of what. Once these solutions are agreed upon, write them down.

Initiate Selected Solutions

It’s never a good idea to try and tackle everything at once, because that’ll result in you wasting time focusing on the problem, rather than working towards a solution. Consider what tools to use and what containers (or baskets or boxes) to use, to help organize the clutter. The solutions and tools you decide to use should reflect the realities and limitations of your lifestyle and space.

Maintain Cleaning Routines

“Sometimes, a family at home may not bother to clean at all,” says Tayla Schuler, a lifestyle blogger at Boomessays and Stateofwriting. “You’ll need to motivate the family to clean the house, whether it’s using gold stars for the kids, or compromising with other family members. Everyone should pull their weight at home.”

Or, if you live alone, be honest about the situation at hand. However, if you’re sick or have other obligations to tend to, then put off tidying, and return to the clutter once the time is right.

Getting Rid Of Stuff Isn’t A Priority

Don’t focus on getting rid of anything right now. You can still declutter and store specific items in a designated storage area for the time being.


As you declutter your home, you’ll soon have enough space to breathe, in case self-isolation gets you down. Also, tidying can be fun and relieving (especially during this time of uncertainty), as long as you follow these simple steps and keep your spirits and morale up.

Molly Crockett writes for Ukwritings and Academized, and teaches writing skills for Essayroo. As a health writer, she shares nutrition tips, healthy recipes, and stories on her diet journey to her audience.