6 Strategies to Write Winning Home Offers

Nearly every report that comes out puts the Denver metro area as one of the hottest housing markets in the country. The bottom line is that new homes for sale in Denver and Colorado are moving very quickly. For buyers across the state, making a competitive offer can be the most important step in the purchasing process, so we asked our network of 18,000 expert real estate professionals to give our readers some advice on how to make a competitive offer for your dream house in Colorado.


Get your Facebook profile in check

“The buyers letter is helpful in some cases but I tell my buyers to look at their social media to update things to the maturity level of the seller if they want a popular house. Someone’s home they are selling can be very personal to them and I’ve had a buyer lose a house because of their “partying” content on Facebook.”

Nick Hofmeir

Friedman Realty Associates



The personal love letter 

“Having buyers write a letter to the seller to include with the offer can be a very personal way for a buyer to make an impression on a seller. Sellers see some buyers making offers well over asking, likely knowing the property will not appraise, which often leads to deals falling apart. When sellers can see a buyer is committed to the property, the seller is more likely to accept offers with a more personal touch.”

Angela Alter

RE/MAX Alliance



Make your best offer first

“I think the best way in this market to have a winning offer is to have your client go in with their best offer as you won’t have a second chance. Also I have had a lot of success with the Buyers writing a letter to the seller introducing themselves and telling the Seller why they love the Seller’s home. Also a very strong lender letter with a trusted lender you have worked with and has been able to close the deal is the final part needed for an offer the seller can’t turn down.”

Nancy Sammon

Colorado Dream Properties



That’s for me to know, and you to find out!

“Trade secret…sorry.”

Ryan Sondrup

NeXstep Real Estate Group



Do some reconnaissance 

“I think the best way that I help my buyers get under contract in an extremely competitive market is to get as much information about the sellers that I can and what they want with our offer. Then I do my best to help my buyers implement what the sellers want in our offer. Some creative ideas are talking to neighbors and have them put in a good word for you to the sellers, personalized and genuine letter to the sellers, and I have started asking the buyers lender to personally call the listing agent to confirm buyers ability to buy.”

Steve Calley

Metro Brokers-Fanning Realty & Assoc. Inc.



Timing can be just as important as price 

“To be creative you have to understand what is important to the sellers aside from price. For example, if the sellers have already found their new home, timing of the sale can be just important as price. If there is a will, you can always find a way!”

Lori Corken

Lori Corken & Company




Thank you to all the brokers that responded with their wisdom and expertise! If you’re in the market for a home, we encourage you to contact one of these experienced professionals to help you through the process. Your real estate agent can guide you through the process of purchasing a home in Colorado.