5 Tips to Attract Qualified Home Buyers

Attracting qualified buyers is the most important thing you can do when selling your home. And, it’s not just a shot in the dark – there is a method to the madness. Your broker will make sure your home is marketed on the best home-search sites, like REcolorado.com, but what more can be done to ensure that you find the most qualified buyers right of the bat? Here’s what our network of 19,000 real estate professionals said:

Open House Strategy

I have a comprehensive open house strategy that ensures that my open house is filled with qualified, ready to move buyers. Some of the most effective steps are: 1) the creation of a Facebook event for the open house and daily paid advertising to promote it to the right audience, 2) the creation of a well crafted blog post for our website with high quality images and detailed information on the home, 3) an email notification to fellow agents and prospects in my database as “the first to know”, 4) a well made property video posted on YouTube (and other social sites) of the home, and finally 5) catchy posts on Instagram and Twitter to drive traffic to pop by. (Also, offering treats from a local bakery hotspot, for example, always seem to get more people through the door)

Hadley Ott

Discover Realty Group, Powered by Hothem & Associates


Scavenger Hunt

I will advertise my open house with numerous signs from all directions, Facebook, and numerous other social media sites but I also advertise a “scavenger hunt.” I will hide business cards from a mover, stager, etc around the house and if the buyer finds one, they get a gift card. It helps get buyers to explore the entire home as well as advertises for different companies with their cards.

Katie Coleman

RE/MAX Alliance


Neighbor Exclusive

Open house flyers (a few days before) as well as door knocking. I have also had “exclusively for neighbors” night the night before. Balloons, and a ton of signs!

Michelle Petty

Keller Williams Preferred Realty



I place ten to fifteen signs around a house. It is a workout but I always find about a 1/3 of my visitors came straight off a sign.

Bob Gordon

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services



If you’re selling a home in Colorado, we encourage you to contact one of these experienced professionals. Your real estate agent or REALTOR can offer local expertise and the best advice for marketing your home for sale, attracting the most qualified home buyers, and selling your Colorado home.